Dark Mode for Anker Forum



Do you think Anker should offer a dark mode setting for the page

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That could be cool


Why? If you use Google Chrome you can have any webpage set for Dark Mode.


how? :neutral_face:


Click Me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Most use the smartphone, I use iPhone, there is nothing for Dark mode except the Smart Invert which I always do for Evenings


I have a mac though… and it didnt work


You can search for that too…


Google is a magical thing


Fine…Here you go

At the end is different ways to have dark mode, enjoy


Thank you :+1:

Great resource but has the same options as what I currently use - Smart Invert.


For Windows, chrome has extensions for Dark Mode, I use those all the time


Well this actually not accurate, first not everyone uses Google Chrome, Second this is a NOT a Google option, you need to download a Third party extension. Some of us use computers at work and we are not allow to install any kind of software or extensions.


Actually, the built-in Dark Mode for the newest version of Chrome makes the browser itself dark (on top). The site pages remain the same with whatever color they authored the page too.


uh yes please. Inside the community app… :slight_smile:


I prefer dark themed community boards and it would be nice to switch between the two depending on night or day usage.


There is option using the Shortcuts app on iOS which runs a specific JavaScript to force dark mode, only works on Safari on iOS, not tried on desktop

Check out the GIF Below


What is doing is inverting the colors, you can do that from iPhone menu, actually its better this way because you have access to smart invert.


Yes, I use smart Invert as well. This was second option


Samsung Browser has both a dark mode and high contrast mode

Dark mode

High contrast mode