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I’m a new customer, after testing dozens of earbuds (Sony, JBL, Samsung, Bose, JVC, JLabs, etc.) I’ve settled on Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2. I borrowed a pair and was impressed with the sound and comfort. I needed a comfortable pair for conference calls that would last a significant time and these work perfectly. The price is reasonable. (I’ll purchase a cheaper pair for in between charging and/or exercise).

But, when my pair arrived I had an issue, the left side paired and then it did not. NO WORRIES!!! Cody at customer service was friendly, initially we had a bad connection, but she offered to call me back on a better line. YES, she returned my call quickly. After walking through the set up she offered to replace my set. (Guess this one was a faulty one) But I know these are quality earbuds because the borrowed pair did not fail me. I’m finally satisfied I have a quality and reasonable price earbuds. Thank you Cody for your compassion and great customer care service. I will be looking at other Anker products for my needs.

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Nice thread. It is always good to hear positive interaction as most times it is the rants that they hear about.

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True, as the saying goes 1 bad experience ruins about 10 others, and it takes 10 good to undo 1 bad.

I am happy to hear that the customer service experience lived up to its billing. I’ve see quite a few of late :+1:

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Thank you for sharing this experience.
Normally we hear only negatives, but never positives.
But this is the normal reaction in many things in our world.

This is so good to hear. I so far have not faced any issue yet. But i believe anker guys never let you down. Cheers for all of them!

You know @inspector.castro1 it’s a shame you had issues, and that’s unfortunate.
It’s not until you have a problem, and put your trust in a companies support team, that you get an understanding of how much a company stands by its products and looks after its customers.
And that’s a rare thing in today’s age, especially from a company as big as Anker.

Shame you had problems, but good you bought from the right company.

While it’s never nice to hear someone got a defective item, it’s always great to hear when customer service steps up to the plate so quickly to resolve.

Glad to hear your sorted @inspector.castro1 and have become a newly converted Anker / Soundcore fan :+1:

I’m glad that customer support was able to help you. Honestly between the price, quality and customer support that’s why I keep coming back.

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Glad to hear about your great experience with customer service! Thanks for sharing!