Connection time doorbell too slow!

Hi, I have the Eufy doorbell installed and I really like it!

But when I’m from home. So my phone is connected via 4G/5G and if someone rings the doorbell, I’ll get the message on the phone and when I active the message it takes most of the time around 10-20 seconds connect! And then it’s to late. See attachment.

  • The homebase is connected with lan, and really good signal to the cam’s.
  • I have reset the home base, reset my router, reinstalled the app.
  • Approved app is running on background.
  • Really good internet, 650 up/down, good new Asus router.
  • I have a Samsung S21+ and my wife’s phone the same problem.

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?


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You could ask here as well :

I’ve got exactly the same!

Here is also a topic.

I also mailed Anker directly. But no answer yet

It will take some time, but you will get an answer, I am sure.
Tell us about, please!

Has anyone had a fix for this. My doorbell is slow as well

Nope still not :confused:

I mailed them. They said they gonna look at it…

Maybe if more people mail them…?

Maybe they can fix it with a future update

Hi guys,

Forward this ports in the router to Homebase:

TCP port 80, 443 and UDP port 65535.

Eufy advised this and I tested it for one day now and still no connection problems found.

Let’s test it for a week. I’ll come back to this.

Btw, what brand routers do you have?

It’s a week later and without problems!

So port forwarding did the trick with mine Homebase!

TCP port 80, 443 and UDP port 65535

I’ve greatly improved my video feed connection speed by moving the doorbell from my guest wifi to my main, and port forwarding as above.


Grats. May have to remember if I ever devide to get a video cam