Congrats on making the list

Anker’s Soundcore Life Q20 is arguably the best value in noise-canceling headphones


Nice job Anker

I respectfully disagree. I do not recommend the life q20


I quite like mine @TechMan
I wouldn’t say perfect, but good for the money.

At first I thought it was an user list

Before I clicked into the link, I thought the prices of all headphones on the list might be similar, but…:rofl: I would agree with you haha.

I recommend it. It’s my favorite headphone right now at my disposal. And for the value.

I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I much prefer the q10- but they don’t have ANC

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the Q20 disappointed me, so I also don’t agree with this.

Tell me why you disagree or didn’t like the Q20 headphone.

This headphone making best ‘value’ at $60 for an ANC headphone makes a point. I like the sound, ease of connection, controls and the comfort when wearing them. My only con is that it has a Micro USB port for charging. I want USB-C everything.

The sound wasn’t very detailed or precise. It was kinda all melded together- especially with BassUp and/or ANC on.

Also the build quality wasn’t quite up to par, but it also wasn’t too bad. (I didn’t mind this issue as much).

And of course USB-C would have been better…

The Q10 fixed all of these issues

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I never used the Q10 so I can’t attest. But looking at the images, I dislike the headband and prefer the swivel type for storage. It has USB-C and that’s a plus.

I personally don’t use Bass Up. I prefer flat sound and only use ANC in noisy environments, so for the most part it’s off.

I have three over the ear ANC headphones at home and so far my favorite is the Q20.

you commented on my review of the Q20, my opinion of it compared to the other slightly more expensive counterpart the life 2…which with today’s prices is literally just 5 bucks more, but you get a lot more for that 5 bucks which makes it worthwhile to get it

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I don’t own either, but I do have the Bose QC35 and the Sony WH-1000XM3.

These (or the QC35 successor the 700) vye for top ranking all products in NC.

The folding only really matter if you leave house with them. That would tend to typically mean for leaving to fly and fit in carry-on. Then for flying you also typically want the very best NC so pay for them.

So if you’re not travelling, you don’t really need NC to the most expensive best type, but for some NC benefit like to reduce distraction when at home from others’ noise.

I suggesting for this price, folding isn’t the thing, it’s probably more comfort which is personal preference. I actually find the Bose more comfy and the Sony better NC so I swap between them based basically on how much noise I isolating from.

The Sony NC is excellent, it is so good if I’m playing anything which tends to be covering the mids, the highs and lows NC then means I cannot hear anything at all from the outside world, it’s only if I pause media can I sense any noise outside.

You get what you pay for.

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