Coming Soon: PowerCore Play 6700

Anker is developing its first portable charger designed specifically for gaming… Take a look at PowerCore Play 6700!


Additional details will be revealed as they become available, so stay tuned for updates.

Are you interested in portable chargers designed specifically for gaming? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


Is this for Nintendo Switch or for iPhones / iPads. The shape is bit less detailed for which device is it

Thanks for the update as usual @Insider :+1:

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Interesting product.
More interesting when we know what it’s compatible with.

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Just recently started gaming on my phone, so I’ll keep an eye on this thread

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Updated with a clearer image. Hope this helps show that the size can be adjusted!

I think this is for a phone. I do nt see a spot at the bottom to dock a switch.

It looks as if those are hand grips. I am wondering what the center holed square is for. It it for a fan or something.

If it is for a phone, it would be good not only for gaming but general use as well potentially

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Somehow I missed this when it was first posted…

I wonder if it has some sort of cooler in it :thinking:.

Also I would like it better if it also had a controller built in…

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thank you for the update… Looks like this is for phones… Does it have wireless charging or does it use the lightning / USB-C, pins may be hidden at corners as highlighted

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So i would be interested in this, the square space houses a small fan. This location on the majority of phones is generally where the processor is located, depending on the size of the phone.
I would hope this is universal and not just phone specific, this would mean interchangeable plugs or at least swappable cables to plug into the device.

Whats interesting is that its just a battery pack without controls, you would think they integrated Bluetooth with controls to be of more use. Time will tell how well it works once its released.

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