Coming Soon: PowerCore III 5000

Anker is developing a new portable charger… Here’s an early look at PowerCore III 5000!


Details are currently unavailable, so be sure to check back for updates as the release nears.

Are you interested in Anker’s upcoming PowerCore III 5000? Be sure to let us know with a reply!

Ill be interested in the weight and dimensions when they come through.
This would be much better in my day pack then carrying the 20000mah block with me.
Great heads up @Insider


My smallest EDC is the 4 year old Powercore II 6700. I’d not want to go any smaller than that.

If I were designing this I’d make one with 5000mAh, USB-C built-in cable which is used for input and output.


Me too! And like you, I don’t see how it can get smaller neither.


There is also available today a very thin 5000 product specific for iPhone.

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I had the original 5000 Slim

I liked it’s size and shape but 5000mAh was not quite good enough. I realised that I don’t really need a slim one to use while holding as there’s enough times I’m sat down I can just plug in a non-slim version. So then I got the 6700

In terms of size, weight, it’s smaller than the slim, takes up less bag space and in a bag weighs less, and I simply plugged it in when I had sit-down opportunities. The extra 6700>5000 helps. So I didn’t replace my Slim 5000 after it died of old age.

The smaller brother of your 20000

Is even larger and you feel it’s weight but it’s what I carry in my days when I have a bag or particularly in winter when having a coat as it’s slimness helps with weight distribution in jacket.

I’d not want to go down to half the stored energy. The situations don’t really arise for me, but for sure a lady’s handbag type situation Xmas present, the ladies currently have the lipstick 3600 sizes which are really emergency use of phone after flat type situations.


I kick myself for not picking up a 10000mah while they were £20 recently.
On reflection 5000mah isn’t quite enough to give my phone a full charge (4500mah battery)


Using a 2/3rds rule it is roughly 3/4ths of a phone recharge.

The 10000 for £20 will return, and probably a little lower next time. The Pound vs Dollar is pushing through a rough 10% reduction in new lowest costs not seen for a few months.


Looking forward to finding out more about this

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not enough, powerbank min 10000mAh unless 2 in 1

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I have the original slim 5000 also but I prefer the look and feel of the PowerCore II 6700.


Can’t wait!!!

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I’m ready, I’m waiting :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Gotta chip in here since my original 5000 Slim is starting to bulge, and actually it ran quite warm as well. I was looking at the 6700 II as well because it’s cheap, has 6 LEDs and more power. But I wonder how it feels in between the palm of my hand and my iPhone X. That’s where the 5000 is excellent. Can anyone comment?

Also I kind of like that this new one has a Lightning cable built in, though I wish it also had a USB-C port for charging the power bank. And actually I read that the Lightning plug is too big for your typical iPhone case? This would be a huge oversight imho. And if so I won’t buy it.

Guessing that maybe I will get the 6700 because of the price and this new 5000 when it’s available. I got a 13000 C for when I need more powerr. :wink:

If Anker really wants to do me a favor they release a 6700 III with USB-C and USB-A ports.

I think I probably owned both, the 5000 Slim and the 6700 II.

It’s not so much in the hand, but in the pocket you feel the difference.

In the hand they both are small enough you can hold either under a phone and it’s a manageable hand package.

In the pocket, a slim shape feels less heavy, less bulky.

You can’t really buy either the Slim 5000 nor the 6700 II any more (well not at a reasonable price in my location), so I’d go with the Powercore 10000 PD , it has C and A ports.

I am bemuzed by the notion of how these feel in hand and cases. By definition a portable powerbank is with you all the time (from leaving power) so your phone never gets flat, and you connect to a Powercore when convenient, like when sat down or if you have periods when not using the phone, so the situation you are walking and having to hold the package (phone+Powercore) and the shape being an issue in the hand, never actually happens.

My 6700 II is still working. My Slim 5000 died years ago.

If buying now I’d recommend for jacket pockets

If you have a bag, the security of extra capacity just in case you are forced to spend a night or two without power, then this

Those are the two to aim for right, wait for a discount, I usually here in UK can get the 10000 PD Slim for about £20 and the 20000 PD for about £25 if patient. I own 2 of each.

I just want to be able to use my phone, e.g. using Google Maps when I’m traveling and need to find my way back to a hostel, or listening to music on the tube, while it is charging. In that sense, maybe 5000mAh is actually good enough. Though more is always better, and if I’m away all day maybe the extra capacity will come in handy.

Plus, I bought the Slim 5000 when I had an iPhone 6S. My current iPhone X has a much bigger battery.

I took a look at the size of a few 10000mAh models but holding the phone with such a slab on the back is not very convenient.

Regarding that 6700 II, I saw them being sold on eBay for GBP 17.99. Condition new. Though I do wonder how old they would be in terms of manufacturing date…

Why do you need to hold the battery with the phone when walking back?

What events preceded that?

You must have spent hours before that, draining your phone. Why? Why not connect the Powercore before, proactively?

It’s a different mindset, flip, reverse, proactively avoid your phone getting low on power, use the moments before to keep it nearly full. Then later in the day you are draining a full phone, not an a near-empty one.

This solves so many issues, and takes some mental rewiring.

If you’re only with trouser pockets ,5000 has some merits but if you have jacket and for sure any kind of bag, there’s more risk and no gain to be carrying as small as 5000.

I’d avoid 6700 II now, it is likely physically old and dubious remaining shelf life. 10000 PD Slim / 20000 PD to aim for.

Why do you need to hold the battery with the phone when walking back?

For navigation? I specifically mentioned finding a way back to e.g. a hostel. Or maybe ask people locally, but then it would still be good to have my phone to translate.

I was looking at the ElecJet Apollo Traveller as well. Bigger, but with graphene tech so it charges in 20 minutes when hooked up to a 60 watt charger. 5000mAh as well, but if you can recharge with a GaN charger even during breakfast or lunch then I don’t really see a problem.

You must have spent hours before that, draining your phone. Why? Why not connect the Powercore before, proactively?

Of course, if I have the foresight to do that. But that’s not always the case. And I’d rather have the power bank as a spare that I can use in case I need it, instead of keeping my phone topped off in the first part of the day.

In any case, you might be bemused. And that’s fine. But this is what I encountered, and part of why I have a power bank.

Again, if you want to aim for a 10000 PD Slim, that’s fine. Most of the 10000 power banks I’ve looked at, including some non-Ankers that were slimmer, still seemed to be somewhat bigger than I’d want.

Plus, I already have the 13000 as well. I bought that specifically for multi-day hikes where I would not use my phone all the time, but I would need several charges. That’s why I didn’t go any bigger, because with hiking I’d rather carry less weight. I was aiming for around 15000, but 13000 (probably 4 x 3350 = 13400) is close enough.

Maybe this will shed some light why I prefer smaller and lighter power banks. When traveling, I take two pieces of underwear with me: the one I’m wearing, and the one I’ll wear next day.

I also hike and am weight sensitive. For such situations I don’t use a powerbank, I use an old phone with swappable batteries and carry two charged spare batteries.

It is not a popular modern option but it is lighter.