Clear Sound Quality - Anker PowerConf Ultra Clear Conference Speakerphone

Anker PowerConf Ultra Clear Conference Speakerphone

The Anker PowerConf Ultra Clear Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone, Little Package packing a Big Punch! Let me begin by saying that I’m finding this device to be very versatile, well featured, sleek, and it takes up little to no space.

Anker PowerConf Versatility

I use it mostly to take telepresence/video conference calls through my laptop and often to do the same with my mobile phone. I’ve even used it as a bluetooth speaker to watch YouTube and Netflix. The sound quality was crisp without distortion. Conference meetings were surprisingly clear with participants impressed to find out that I was on a bluetooth device and some so impressed that they asked for more details.


I was pleased to find that when I muted someone, a red ring lit up on top of the unit letting me know it was clearly muted. I’ve experienced failed software muting on other devices so this was a welcome change. When you are in a room with multiple people, the device lights up blue in the direction of sound pickup and the lighted ring also serves to display the volume level as it is adjusted. The ambient sound filtering technology is better than I’ve experienced. There are 6 microphones around the body of the unit. The sound quality is solid both at low volume and at higher volumes. It can be used wirelessly having an internal battery rated at 24-hours of talk time so feel free to take this unit anywhere and on the go. Its battery can even be used to charge other devices similar to an external battery. It charges via USB-C so high speed charging can be expected. I was really happy to find a silicone base that keeps it from skidding across my desk and it stores nicely in a sturdy and slim profile case with its USB to USB-C cable.


Let’s talk about this internal battery and the device size. I found myself grabbing the unit and tossing it in my laptop bag even when I was leaving the house. I knew I could use it for extra battery life, an impromptu meeting from my vehicle or holding a meeting at the office in an under serviced corner room. I’ve even used it in my camper as an AC free way to watch a movie on a larger screen. The phone sent bluetooth to the Anker PowerConf unit and video via Chromecast to the monitor.

Sound Quality Comparison

When it comes to working remotely and using headsets or speaker phones to communicate with others at work all across the globe, I have some experience. My current situation requires me to use a personal laptop, connected to a virtual desktop, and making phone calls either via software telepresence connection and once in awhile by mobile phone. Wired/wireless headphones, home office phones with speaker, Bluetooth Polycom, etc. The Polycom VoiceStation (my most comparable solution) was very expensive in my opinion and the sound quality both on my end and for those hearing my voice was subpar. My experience with the Polycom VoiceStation 500 was negative so my expectations for a similar solution were a low. That said, I had great experience with other Anker devices so I was eager to give it a try. With the Polycom, people would ask me to repeat myself and I always felt like I had to blast the volume to hear anyone clearly. With Anker’s PowerConf Speakerphone this was not at all the case. The sound was clear without distortion and I could understand every word even when I had it low so as not to disturb the rest of the house on those off-hour meeting times.

My Anker PowerConf Experience

I could hear every word without static or interference. And maybe more importantly, I didn’t once have anyone on the other end of the call tell me that they had any trouble hearing or understanding me. In fact, I asked and they told me it was clear and had no idea I was on a speakerphone. I didn’t once feel like “that guy”.

The Good

  • Great sound quality
  • 360 degree sound pickup
  • Visual status indicators
  • Aux out to play sound on an external speaker
  • 24hr internal battery
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth
  • Small and light

The Not so Good

  • To be honest, there was little I would change about this unit. If I had to pick one thing, I would love it to have a silicone band around it so it would be protected in case of a drop but not so much silicone that it would impact sound quality or microphone pickup.

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Great review @UrbanEXFIL
And great pictures too, seems like we are all having similar positive experiences with the PowerConf.

Thanks @paulstevenewing! Yes, I was pleasantly surprised. Connected to mobile, laptop with Citrix Jabber, Zoom, really just about anything I’ve been pleased. I learned that putting it close to me is not needed and causes poor mic quality. Having it to the side of me vs directly a foot away is perfect.

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I’m finding it great up to a distance of 1.5 to 2mtrs.

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Excellent review @UrbanEXFIL thanks for sharing!

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Not good, it make me sound like under water when i was speaking. Please do something about it. Especially when i am on MS Team