Chinese New Year

Today the 25. Chinese New Year is starting.
But this year it is overshadowed by the increasing problems with that corona-virus.
I was reading that 3 persons in France have been infected.
Serious problem.


It certainly is a worry about it. I always make sure to carry a small bottle of antibacterial hand wash with me as a precaution. I can just imagine the looks if I was walking around town with a mask on. :laughing:


14 people have been tested and thankfully negative here in the UK.
Officials are tracking down 2000 visitors who flew in from Wuhan over the last few weeks.

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At the moment its lethality is very low, about 3%. The issue is the people infected the more opportunity for the virus to mutate and its lethality increases.

Avoid people and sleep a lot and if you feel ill go to bed with a big water bottle, is literally all you can do. Face masks have limited usefulness to prevent being infected but they do a good job to stop those already infected (who may have no symptons) from infecting others. Viruses are so small they pass through anything which oxygen can also pass through and viruses enter through eyes which have even less natural filtration than the nose / mouth. But if you talk / sneeze / breath those water droplets you exhale can be more commonly stopped by the mask. So a mask is to protect others, so fewer infected so less chance you are then in the future infected.

Among us will be people who by luck are naturally immune, good for them, but if they get infected they become “super spreaders” who then infect those with no natural immunity who may have other health issues (Asthma, heart, etc).

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Initially when I heard the Corona virus, I thought Franz had been drinking again!

This is a shame to overshadow such a special time.of year for the Asian n Chinese community, who have gone home to celebrate with family.

Hopefully for.all affected by this, I wish a speedy recovery and that it can be contained without people’s lives being too restricted.

If you’re travelling in the area, ease get checked before moving.on, it’s not just about you.

Children are very susceptible and are innocent, don’t out them at risk.

Wish the Chinese New Year brings cure for the people impacted by Coronaviruses and a peaceful closure :+1::crossed_fingers:

More news about it spreading in US :disappointed:

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Also hoping for a speedy recovery to anyone affected by this! It’s a bummer some are cancelling their celebrations, but I understand those wanting to play it safe this year.

I hope we don’t have an outbreak here in the US. Or anywhere else really