Charging case won't charge.

I love my anker soundcore spirit x2s, but my son put water in the charging case and not they won’t charging through usb-c. Is there any way to fix the case or to buy another one?

Oh! Water!
I know its too late, but if water is poured over any electronic device.
Dry it immediately using a hair dryer.

What you can do. Use contact spray. Could help.
Fingers crosses!

Nearly perfect advice. If severely wetted, rinse with distilled water (e.g. ice scraped from accumulated inside of freezer) and then dry. Water doesn’t do permanent harm, the salts in the water do.

If only a surface splash then what you said as probably water didn’t get too far in.

The Lithium cells within don’t like water, be aware of heat/expansion throughout next days. If you use distilled water, it has to not penetrate any further than the original wetting.

3rd option is contact Anker and ask for a new case.

4th option is someone out there has ruined/lost their buds and has a perfectly working case for negotiation.

What I do is buy two of everything as then when one breaks/lost you got a spare, for these types of items. What works for socks works for wireless buds.

Ja, genau.
I forgot this. eg. the water here in München is very calcerous, so this chalk might cover contacts
and needs to be washed away.

If the electronic item can be made battery-less then a soaking in distilled water is ideal, but in this case as it contains a battery you can over-do the cleaning so get it as wet as it was before, no worse, so the clean water gets only in as far as the dirty water, to rinse the salts out, then dry normally in a windy spot but not hot location as don’t want to ruin the lithium cells.