Chargers: USB-C only

Would love to be able to buy USB-C only chargers - desktop and wall - with 4-6 USB-C ports and no USB-A ports.

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With Anker’s gradual adoption of new technologies, you probably won’t see anything like this for awhile (unfortunately).


I think the most Anker has is wall chargers with 2 USB C ports


We’d all like this too, but for now, buy two chargers to get the port count and performance you seek.

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Would be good to have multiple USB-C ports on a cable style hub. The large blocks work well if you have lots of space around your sockets, but I often find there’s not enough space and I have to use USB-A. The new PowerPort Nano is a big help, but only one port.

Powercore have become sufficienty low cost and sufficiently large they can, in effect, become local wall sockets.

Stick a Powercore 20000 PD Essential in a corner of a room and it’s a local 18W socket which last days.

Imperfect, but it works.

You recharge them overnight

I fully agree Anker needs to make a C8 corded multiport reasonable price USB-C charger. But in the rule of change what you can, accept what you can’t change, a Powercore is a hack.

An extension cable is the short term hack, but I’m a neat freak :rofl: