Charge everything faster THE FINAL!


Here it is folks the final


Only one more lol. They should do at least 5 more :joy:


Attaching Link so that this is useful for all the fellow members, jump directly to the twitter page / retweet


Thx :blush::blush: community members are the best :+1:


I swear I’ve lost my wining streak lately lol


Thanks for posting this, I will definitely enter this one. I need an iPad Pro!


Good luck everyone!!


Winner announced but had not fulfilled one of the rules of replying and Tagging a friend :frowning:

Congratulations to the winner :clap:


Of course the person who didn’t follow the rules is the lucky winner :rofl:


My bad, the winner did reply… genuine winner :laughing:


Lol I was like ‘come on Anker!’ glad the winner followed the rules


Congrats to winner :+1::+1::+1: