Change WiFi channel for Eufy Cam 2

Hi Guys,

Would it be possible to have the option to select a different WiFi channel for the Eufy cam? It selects the most congested band at my house and the camera drops. When I reset the camera or Mesh network the camera selects band 1 and is working fine. After a while it goes to 11 and drops the camera.

In the Mesh router channel selection is not an option.

It would be great to do this selection in Homebase2.


The channel selection is chosen by your homes wifi, so you would have to go into your routers settings and change the chanel itself

Hi Tank,

Thank you for your answer. As most Mesh networks do not offer this functionality this is no option.

I run a SmartThings Hub network with Plume optimization SW. Channel selection is not an option.

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I can see a logical reasoning why mesh network cannot allow you to select a WiFi channel as they must frequency and spacially separate to get the least overlap and most coverage. I am also not familiar with your network. So I’m not saying you’re wrong.

But I’m skeptical you can’t do something, like advanced mode or untick automatic.

One of the things I did in the summer is know the 2nd wave lockdown was inevitable and so friend and family I reviewed their WiFi to give them better coverage with the view they’d be trapped in house and gardens for months, and so had to touch many routers I’m not familiar with.

I always found either an advanced mode or disable automatic and so could statically tune their channels to get fixed separation within a network and from neighbouring networks. Always.

The other most beneficial thing I did was move their routers from induction sources. A radio transmitter near metal will cause a resonance which at distance will increase interference and WiFi signal then unreliable. Even modest movement, typically moving away from the property electrical wiring, sometimes their metal water pipes, drastically improved their most distant WiFi performance and reliability.

I also changed their router 5Ghz from a default of same SSID as 2.4Ghz to be different, then all the nearby devices I changed to them 5Ghz to less consume the 2.4Ghz spectrum.

Change what you can.


I have checked the manual and had in depth discussions with Plume customer support. They say fixing the channel will not work with the network optimization. Hence they do not offer this.

I have tried multiple scenarios with placing router, homebase and camera in other locations. Also disconnected other electronics to see if they cause any interference. No luck so far.

If I restart the router or camera it is on channel 1 and works ok, after a while it switches to channel 11 and drops off line.

Ok the chances I thought of something you haven’t is very low obviously.

But when you say location, I’m referring to just a foot or so different to move from a wall or wire can really help.

I used a WiFi analysis app on my phone to help and went to neighbouring houses and optimised them all in the 1 / 6 / 11 separation.

I stopped mesh routers being purchased saved collectively a lot of money.

I know you seek an Eufy help, the official support is actually not in this place here but link below, suggest join there and ask there, as well as email support, they should know more than here.

Good luck. If you find a solution then please stick around and help the next person!

Thanks for you help!

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This made me look into my set-up as i though i adjusted the channel my WiFi runs on.
My mesh network doesn’t allow for a change in channel either - this has literally blew my mind @gertjan.terhaar :rofl:

A mesh network relies on it backing away from congested channels. On 2.4Ghz there are only 3 non overlapping channels, 1 6 11.

So in a physically congested area, like small homes next to each other, particularly narrow long plots, it’s impossible to not have congestion with the neighbours.

So say on side of the plot another router becomes busy on channel 1 well the mesh node nearest needs to move to 6 or 11 and the mesh nodes furthest away then use 1.

So mesh networks rely on no fixed channels. Mesh are needed most in congested plots and must change channels in response. So I get all of that, why a mesh network can’t be fixed to channels. Although I suspect there’s a method hidden from consumers like to test mesh nodes.

But cameras often have their own unique issues, particularly battery cameras. Often such cameras are the furthest corner in a plot, so cameras suffer worse congestion than mesh nodes which are further inward of a plot and powered.

So a mesh network can’t really help with congestion with cameras in some plots. So you’d want to manually fix a camera channel to statically avoid congestion, ideally in agreement with the neighbours on that side of the camera. I understand that background behind the ask.

I did my research, this and the fact the Eufy server is needed and just cut the network to cut the camera, meant I stuck to my own software.

so I did a brief online search for similar issues with users having interference, what Plume did was have them run a pod scan for network interference. In the end Plume enabled DFS channel selection on the superpods so they were able to work around interference and have everything working together. maybe contract them and see if that is an option for you

@Tank two separate issues.

The Homebase to mesh. Camera to Homebase.

I keep seeing how the camera will only connect to Homebase directly.

So mesh can only ever help place your homebase nearer the camera.

As an aside I’m idealologically against mesh, it adds to EM spectrum saturation, I always prefer wired as far as near as possible to the corners of a plot then EM at just sufficient mW. I also prefer if everyone used 5Mhz as it naturally is stops at walls so in dense housing (apartment blocks etc) it naturally keeps the signal within the apartment. Most routers use same SSID 2.4Ghz 5Ghz is part of the problem as it doesn’t force 5Ghz.

Dear all,

Just to give a brief update on this topic.

I have contacted Eufy about my issues. After a lot of log making and analyzing they have say that MESH networks are not supported by the Eufy products.

They advised me to buy an other router.

I have asked them for an other solution and the advised them to put this information prominent on their products. MESH networks are becoming very popular and people should aware of this.

Regards, Gert Jan

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