Certified Chromebook-Compatible Accessories

Charging accessories for Chromebook now available at Target, Costco, Best Buy, Amazon, and through Google’s enterprise and education programs.


Coming Soon

PowerPort III 60W (Two Ports) — $59.99


PowerPort Atom III Slim 30W (One Port) — $29.99


PowerDrive+ III Duo — $29.99


PowerPort III 65W (One Port) — $59.99 (Black Version with PowerIQ 3.0 Also Announced)


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Are you confident those last two images belong together? Looks physically impossible, and illogical combination.

The last image seems to belong with the 2nd image.

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Not exactly sure what you mean, @professor. The page is incorrect because it mixes up the two wall chargers with dual ports.

This is physically impossible

But this

Is just a different placement of this, which is physically viable.

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What about it is impossible?

Think the main image is showing the third adapter already in place…not an additional adapter to add on top…

Yes that makes sense, you solved it. I was wrong.


put here


Makes this


Which is very different to what they usually did of a folding built-in US which you then slid over an adapter.

Finally. How many times we said to make international versions!?!?!

Just do it on everything forever.

Oh, that’s what he was talking about. You’re right, @ndalby! @AnkerOfficial’s post from January was correct.


A small cutout around the adapter is visible.