Capsule max USB 5V


I just acquired the Capsule max.
Has anyone ever tested the USB 5V step-up cable to load the device from a USB charger?

Would loading it that way damage it or would loading just be slower?

Thank you

Thanks for your inquiry.

The USB-A port on Capsule Max outputs at 5V/1A. If you’d like to use that port, we do not recommend charging devices with higher input requirement than 5V/1A.

Thank you!

Anker Support Team


Actually, i was thinking about charging the Capsule Max from a USB port (like one from a computer) using that kind of cable :

(Not using the Capsule Max as a powerbank)

They are asking about step-up input.

If you did want to then:

  • 15V/3A

So if 15V 3A then that is 5V 9A which exceeds USB, so you’d get slower Max recharging, seek one of the 5V 3A options.

Great, i’ll give it a try then
thank you