Capsule II - broken and defaults to bluetooth and only offered option to pay myself for refurb

Feeling a bit harshly treated by Anker - have always bought loads of Anker products - batteries, chargers, vacuum cleaners etc and have backed Nebula Capsule 1 and 2 on kickstarter. The Capsule 2 is now defaulting straight into Bluetooth mode when powered off with a loud noise every few minutes. They’ve identified it as a hardware issue but it’s less than 2 years old and all I’m being offered is to pay myself for a refurb replacement. One of the reasons I bought from Anker was the great customer support and I’m feeling a bit let down by them. It’s a pretty new product, well looked after with minimal use and I think it should last at least 2 years. Hoping Anker pick up on this and will report any developments. @AnkerOfficial

Sorry to hear of your issues @John_Mckeown1 how old is the Capsule 2 exactly? I’m guessing based on your serial no they have determined the projector is over 12 months old, which is the warranty period offered on the Nebula line.

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It is unfortunate if it indeed has broken, but if beyond the warranty period, then I would guess you are bound by what Anker offers for repair/replacement when beyond that period.

Perhaps you bought using a Credit Card that provides a benefit where they will extend the manufacturer’s warranty period by 1 year? I used this benefit when my dad’s Nexus 6p died, and filed a claim with my CC, who paid out for the repair cost of fixing it. good luck.

What would you say minimal use is over the 2 year time?

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Anker usual activity when a little out of warranty is a discount code off new or offering a lower price for refurbed, because of what you said. They don’t do that too long outside of their obligations and its obviously all at their discretion.

Note that if you were in warranty, they have the right to send refurbed replacement anyway, just at their cost.

I think you should work on the assumption of give goodwill get goodwill and work to a discounted refurb unit. Photos showing it’s not worn, evidence you have bought a lot of Anker, etc, all help your case, but it is far better to have that goodwill dialogue privately for reasons I hope obvious.

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Hi, in terms of use probably less than 50 hours, maybe a lot less - we’ve just started reusing it. It’s left the house once I think and has sat undamaged on a shelf otherwise. In terms of warranty the advice above is great. Anker came back with a harsh and legal sounding email suggesting the burden of proof of a hardware defect lies with me, which as it’s not cost effective for me to produce that essentially means that relating to EU/UK guidance I’ve no path forwards other than goodwill. So the advice above about getting back to them on that is really helpful, I’m just still a bit disappointed and will be a bit more wary of Anker and it’s customer support in the future.

This may be related to either the specific Nebula support individual or they just don’t have much refurb stock in at present.

I’d suggest keep it private and keep discussing there. If you discuss it here too much they risk going even more entrenched “legal”.

I dealt with a Sharon in March about Nebula and was a good experience, so keep calm and press it a little more.

Not helpful, you’ll hate this next bit but I never buy Kickstarter as the first batch out of manufacturing has the most flaws which then warranty replacements progressively find and subsequent batches are better manufactured, so I habitually wait months (year) to allow for that very process to naturally run. Never buy kickstarter basically is one of my rules. Others I know utterly disagree with me.

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Thanks - good advice again - I’ve got back to them by email covering some of the points above. Thanks for the advice. BW John

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Just posting to say that Anker came back with a very reasonable compromise and solution considering it’s out of warranty. Happy with the support provided and thanks for the advice here. @AnkerOfficial


Good to hear.

You can edit the thread subject to reflect the conclusion. Reward good outcomes.

I’m glad they helped you @John_Mckeown1 :+1: