Can't pair the Roav Bolt to multiple devices - 1 mobile 1 bolt 😭

can’t pair the Roav Bolt to multiple devices at once. If you switch phones, or if someone else wants to drive and use it with their phone, you have to reset the whole unit. I wouldn’t recommend the Bolt for shared cars.

So my question is this permanent? Usually i share the car with my wife. Resetting bolt to pair seems sad. :cry:

Wonder is viva suffers the same fate. Anyone knows?


It is a shame that only one device can connect to the bolt… roav really should have fixed this before release.

The viva can have multiple parings in its history. This is one of the many ways that the viva “one ups” the bolt.


In my experience, Roav Bolt could pair with only one device at a time, i tested it with my iPhone (iOS is still on Beta). When I tried testing with my wife’s S9, it would not detect or show-up, had to delete and re-add it on S9… so may be for future, Bolt may add this feature (may… may be)

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It’s probably hardware, and not software

This is strictly controlled by Google… Anker Roav has very limited role to play here


This is a 1 world problem. Looks like i need viva n bolt in 1 car. Cos Viva cant spotify and Bolt cant multiple pair.

Then if i have both, who pairs with phone??? viva or bolt. :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy::joy::joy:

Maybe JBL link bolt will have a better solution?

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Seems like this was overlooked by Anker’s team. Too bad you have to reset the whole device just to pair it to another phone

This is an issue for me too. I switch phones A LOT (usually back and forth between a few I keep on hand) and I have to re pair them every time.

Hopefully Anker solves this quick with a software update.

Hopefully it’s something that can be changed with a software update, and it’s not a hardware issue :confused:

Don’t see how it could be hardware, but I suppose it’s possible.

There is a hope: the reply I received on July 29.

Dear Andriy Shcherbatyuk,

Thank you for your reply.

To address your concern, we have reported the issue to Google, and our engineering team is currently working on this case to improve the connecting feature.

We will have an updated firmware version to be released within 5 weeks. This firmware will allow you to pair more than one device.

Sorry for keeping you waiting. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

Have a beautiful day!


Reference Ticket#86960506 if contacting a CSR


Hello guys,

Ran into the same issue today when I tried setting up the Bolt with my GF’s phone.

The email you got from Anker gives me hope ! Let’s wait for the new firmware then :slight_smile:

An update on my support ticket from Anker (that was 4 weeks ago). I am going to follow up…

Dear Andriy Shcherbatyuk,

Thank you for getting back.

We are sincerely sorry for keeping you waiting. We have just been informed by our engineering team, the newest firmware has some issue that need to be fixed.

The firmware realse has been a delay for at least three weeks. We will keep you informed once we received the feedback from the Google team.

We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused. Looking forward to getting you taken care of as soon as possible!

Have a lovely day.

Best Regards,

Registered just to comment about this product. I likely have about a dozen or more anker devices between me and my wife. I’ve bought them for xmas gifts and stocking stuffers, I can almost always trust them and their products. With that being said this is the worst anker product currently being offered. They even kind of falsely advertise iPhone compatibility on the box and do not mention beta support only, which for me works 50/50 if I’m lucky. So frustrating when you are just trying to drive and listen to music, instead I’m driving in silence like a sociopath.

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Hey any updates from support?

Got a notification of firmware update about a week ago. Not sure if it was just a bug fix. I tried pairing more than one device and still nothing.

This is my current firmware version

U can chk the firmware release notes. If you dun see it. Dun expect it. :stuck_out_tongue:

A friend of mine bought this ROAV BOLT and didn’t use it so I’m trying it out. I set it up last night and it had a firmware update, I’ll have to check what version. I’m having this same issue when trying to switch phones and having to reset it every time, so frustrating, between my wife, daughter and I we would switch phones that connect to it a lot. I don’t get it because I have another ROAV FM transmitter and we can switch back and forth between phones with no issues at all. I have an OG Pixel and my wife and daughter have the newest iPhones.

Anyone heard any updates on this? I just opened up a brand new Roav Bolt and updated to the latest firmware, and still doesn’t seem to be any multi-user support.

At a time, Roav Bolt can only attach to one user, and this is tightly controlled by Google since there is no Roav app controlling bolt but the Google Assistant app.

Your best bet would be to reach out to Roav Support and request update on this feature request.

What everyone can do is go to give a review and also indicating your concern in the app store either for google or ios.

I find that channel most effective to date.