Can't hear own voice in phone calls with Liberty Air 2

I recently purchased these Liberty Air 2 earbuds. Brilliant audio quality, battery life, etc. My only issue is with making and receiving phone calls or using any app that needs me to speak such as WhatsApp or Zoom.

Making/receiving such calls works perfectly: I can hear the other party and they can hear me. No issues with audio quality or connectivity.

But I can’t hear my own voice. The earbuds are such a great fit they really do block out all external sound. For this use, this makes the earbuds no good at all. I’ve not tried using just a single bud, maybe that’s the solution? Hardly a great experience, though.

I’ll add that I have a pair of Bose Bluetooth wireless earphones and while they let me hear my own voice, the latency is terrible with a gap of about half a second from speaking to hearing my voice. Not good at all. Is that likely to be the case as well with the Liberty Air 2 earbuds?

I’ll also add that I love these earbuds! You make a fine product and I’m well satisfied with them as a great way to listen to music, watch streaming video, etc. They’ve become my primary method of consuming such content on a tablet or smartphone, no more earphones.


I am having the same issue!

I agree with the others who posted, there is no sidetone or audio feedback to hear your own voice.