Can't configure Eufy L70 hybrid

Hi, I’ve been using eufy L70 hybrid for the past month just fine. 4 days ago, it went offline and didn’t come back online by itself in a few minutes so I reset the Wifi, reconfigured and it worked fine. Today, the same thing happened, it went offline, I did the same thing but the problem is, now I can’t add L70 on my eufy home app. It’s the same Wifi, nothing has changed, still 2.4 Ghz, same password, it is just 10 minutes between. So I tried to add the device, and every time, I got this a message like “your phone is not connected to internet.” I’ve been trying for the past two hours. I reset it many times, including the hard reset with the pin. Tried from my ipad as well. Finally aftet two hours, at least I could get to “connecting” but failed. So I tried again but now, it can’t even find the device. What should I do? It’s only been a month since I started using it and I’m already having problems. I’d really appreciate any help.