Cannot connect Eufy Doorbell to any wifi

I have Eufy Doorbell Wired (T820) and stuck with installation
Connect perfect with phone (via Bluetooth)
But show NOT ANY WIFI AROUND :frowning:
I already create wifi from mobile hotspot to make sure have 2.4GHZ wifi but still show nothing
How can i choose wifi to setup

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Hey @GCN
Is it a wired or wireless doorbell?
The wireless doorbells only run over 2.4gz - that may be the issue.

Wired Doorbell. And i make sure that have at least 1 wifi 2.4GHZ around.
I already test by mobile hotpot but still show nothing

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Hmmm, info online is quite scarce.
There is mention going through the app to configure connection while the light on the doorbell button is pulsing yellow.
If it was you could try the good old reboot!
Disconnect power and power up again.
Or from connecting via Bluetooth, does that give the option to default or reset the device?

You may have found this, nearer the end it give some info regarding connection and the app.

And there appears to be a reset button on the back of the device.

Any port restrictions on the router?

ny port restrictions on the

Port retrictions would impact further along. If it’s Wifi then its either

  • the router is 5Ghz only (rare)
  • the encryption protocol of the 2.4Ghz is not supported (rare). To eliminate, make your phone hotspot open, no encryption and is one of b/g/n
  • the wireless doorbell is too far, too weak, from router (common)
  • doorbell dud (if none of the above).

I can’t find what Wifi security versions is uses

Wi-Fi Operating Frequency Range: 2412~2472MHz for EU;
Wifi Max Output Power:19dBm
Bluetooth Operating Frequency Range:2

802.11b/g/ n(HT20): 2.412GHz - 2.462GHz