Can you believe it -- DBrand Tesla Cybertruck Skins & Wraps!

I really cannot believe what I saw today. DBrand Skins for Tesla CyberTruck

Are you ordering yours :joy:

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I’ll order the skin right after I order the truck.


:clap: please do share the photos :+1:

I can’t afford that truck :joy:. I can’t even afford the skins lol

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$60k for the vehicle and then $3k for a stick on paint job :laughing:


That how to make money!
Must be taking a leaf out of Apples book :wink:

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Love how they kept the broken windows in their photo.



That is the confidence and standing by your product … this is the thing I like about Elon Musk :+1:

That may become the new theme for Tesla windows…

I want a transparent skin the window that adds the cracked window :joy:

Let’s see what happens

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Ordered a spare set in pink

if you believe that anker could surclass apple… yes.