Can a wireless microphone be used with the Anker Soundcore speakers while they also play music?

I am a magician.

Short version - looking to play both music and have a wireless mic for my voice going through Anker bluetooth speakers at the same time.

I would like to use Anker Soundcore speakers (2 paired in stereo) to both play music (which could come from a bluetooth source paired to the master speaker, but if necessary, could be plugged in to the aux port) and use it with a wireless microphone for my voice. The wireless microphone could also be either bluetooth paired to the master speaker or UHF going to a receiver that gets plugged into the aux port of the master speaker.

Is this possible?

If not, is just using the speaker with a wireless microphone possible?

I thought about just ordering some microphones and seeing myself, but was hoping I could get some guidance from anyone on the forum - especially if anyone has done this.

I’m open to suggestions on which speakers if there is a difference. I just got the
Soundcore Mini 2 and the Soundcore 2 and really like the sound coming from them and that got me to thinking about using them, or larger ones, for performing. I do a lot of parties in houses, so honestly, either of them (definitely two of the the Soundcore 2s paired in stereo) are loud enough, but for larger venues, I’d get a pair of either the Soundcore Boost or the Soundcore Motion +.

Thanks for any help and suggestions. If something isn’t clear, I apologize and I’ll answer any questions.

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