Camera sharing not working

I am unable to share my cameras with my wife.
I have invited her via the Android app, with her correct email address.
She has received the invite to her inbox and has downloaded the app and set up her account.

However there is no way for her to accept the invite after this point. My app says ‘waiting to accept’. But when going to my wife’s app it just asks her to add a new device. Which I tried but that reassigns the home base and cameras to her account.
She has not received any in app messages. I have also tried deleting her account and starting from scratch as well as clearing the data from the app and reinstalling it and combinations of both.

How can she accept the invitation to view cameras?



@AnkerSupport will be able to help. Also, they will just tell you to email, so I’ll just do it first. :laughing:

Our support team is making the effort to help the people who seek answers in the community. Sometimes when the open answer is not enough to solve the problem, we will suggest them sending us an email with more personal information.


Hi @Rich27,

Thank you for letting me know your concern. Please note, you need to download eufy security app, if you still unable to share the camera with your wife, please sent me you and your wifes eufy security account. We will help you solve it.:innocent:

Hi, I have the exact same issue at the moment:

  • I can invite my partner through my own app (Eufy Security app)
  • she gets the email
  • she has installed the Eufy Security app as well
  • no invitation shows in my partner’s app

How did you manage to solve this?



Hi, I have the same issue here, following the same procedures but the invitation doesn’t show on the app.

Hi, i have the same problem. Please help me.


Same issue :slightly_frowning_face: