Camera red light randomly comes on

The red light on two of my cameras randomly comes on. They are both powered by eufy solar panels. I make the red light go off by changing the power source for each camera from solar to battery and back to solar. Any ideas why it randomly comes back on?

One camera is a eufyCam E. The other is a eufyCam.

So, the status light flashes white during recording and live view. When recording or live view has finished, the red light on the camera stays on and I have to reset it as described above. Seems it’s a bug…??

There are different types of EUFY cameras.
You should add the type of your camera please.
You could publish your question here as well :

I’ve updated the question with the camera models.

There are several lights on most of the camera and they should be similar although refer to your Status LED

Solid Blue- Being charge
Flashing Blue -Ready for set
Red and Blue- Updating
Flashing red- Alarm triggered
Solid red Live stream or recording

So could it be that you are triggering an event that is recording you triggering the event or are you streaming the camera when you are finding the red light on the camera.

You should get a notification if it is triggered by you and no notification for a streaming event.

I have found through random testing that the camera do have a pretty decent side view. I know the one cameraI I have can trigger a notification close to being parallel to the camera. So almost a full 170 something out of 180 degree field of detection)

Depending on the sensitivity of the motion detection, I have seen detection as far as 200 ft as well. A lot of time this is due to all motion with a high sensitivity. This could cause detection due to the wind is blowing a plant or etc.

The other question would be is it daylight or near darkness as the IR light may coming on if it is thinking that it saw something.

Other than that you can check with the service department for further assistance as well.

Hi. Thanks for the suggestions. The red light randomly comes on when the camera is not recording or streaming.

I’ve noticed that both my indoor cams randomly flash red when idle after I’ve set them up in Apple Home. They never did that before.

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