Camera Control PC/Tablet

This may have been asked before but can’t find any feedback on the query.

After testing eufy security via Mobile, Tablet and PC web portal, I have found that the only one to be able to control my camera, is the Mobile app.

I am either blind, or is there no buttons available via web and tablet to be able to manually control the camera?

All feedback helpful at this point and thank you in advance.

Have you published your question on EUFY’s forum?

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The mobile device was made to control the camera.

The web portal just gives you the ability to just view the live views of the cameras. As you stated the tablet and pc are using the web portal which lacks that functionality. I think it would make the page more complex and would need consistent tweaks as the browser changed.

If there was that ability then try it in IE (which I think there is none on the web). Check the web portal and make sure that IE is on compatibility mode (so that any previous updates may be causing an issue). The older IE would potentially play an older functionality that the newer browsers can not play due to different upgrades to the browsers.

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You should be able to make a tablet act like a mobile? I have Android tablet and Android phone and basically the tablet is just a bigger screen version.

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I thought so too but for some reason it does not want to work that way.