California power outage

We were lucky didnt happen today, but have been given heads-up this will impact us in the evenings, have All my powerbanks fully charged, BT speakers charged as well…

Costco, Home Depot and Safeway have been the busiest in last 2 days… And so has all the gas stations near by as what I see…

Hope things return to normal soon!


We’re not really expecting any blackouts down here in coastal San Diego, but I’m making sure all of my powerbanks are charged just in case. Hope things are uneventful up your way!


It’s mostly the high winds which impacts, and concentrated at the bay area locations, received heads-up around 8pm as below

Public Safety Power Shutoff : Due to gusty winds and dry conditions, combined with a heightened fire risk, PG&E may need to turn off power for public safety at this address. As we continue to monitor conditions, please prepare for outages that could last longer than 48 hours. PG&E has attempted to call, text or email all customers expected to be impacted using the contact information currently on file.

In Irvine, CA here…although I do work in Chino, CA so I may be affected there (more prone to high wind events) more than in Irvine.

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I told you so!.
Glad you are not involved right now.
Keep on charging! :laughing:

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It sounds bad…
Am I losing California active members in the next few hours?:joy:

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They got all power banks and power stations!
Well equipped!

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Nah. Just expect a dip in desktop hits. And a rise in mobile hits. It isn’t like they’ll have anything else to do :wink:


Stay safe, guys! Power outages are no fun, but powerbanks have helped me through them in the past! :+1:


Where Anker power banks come in sooo handy :muscle:t2:

Stay safe folks who are affected by this

Wow! Haven’t had an outage here since my childhood. Hope everyone is safe and gets through the power cuts.

As everyone above says, keep your Anker power banks charged and you’ll be just fine!! :wink:

Wonder if Anker would come up with a solution that would power a small fridge? Could be helpful in case of a multi day blackout.

Anker has the PowerHouse 200 which can run small appliances like mini-fridges for over 4 hours :wink:

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I’d not bother using stored electrical energy to cope with power outage, the inefficiencies stack up.

I’d simply use stored negative energy, i.e. have a top-loaded highly insulated freezer and have it totally full. Items you intend to eat first stored around the outside and the middle will stay frozen for a long time. If you don’t want to waste expensive food then simply make ice and pack that around the outside, let it melt slowly instead.

The front door type, every time you open it the heat from outside pours into the top and the cold pours out the bottom. They are more convenient for regular use in kitchen. We had a front loading and a top loading and all the expensive food in the top loading to survive power outage.

In August and September I spent weeks living out of a cooler box and bought a block of ice every third day and items like milk didn’t go off at all, the ice slowly melted, kept contents just above freezing and I drained the meltwater away and bought a new ice block. The same principal for a top-loading freezer will last even longer.

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As usual the US-fellows like the beer ice cold.
TOO bad for the stomach and such stuff tastes like horse p*ss.
No flavour, because too cold.
If no fridge to cool beer might help do detect flavour. :joy:

Meanwhile there are many mini breweries in the US, so the beer should be much better over there it was years ago.
PROST (NOT ice cold please!)

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As if the power outage was not sufficient, we had earthquake tremors… now there will be aftershocks… hope these don’t cause more damage


Sheesh… glad you’re OK, @Shenoy!

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You might be ready for your investigations! :grinning:


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Thank you , all is well!

I’m gonna have to steal this one now…