Build your own HomeKit support for Eufy plugs & light bulbs

I finished building the homebridge-eufy plugin, which works with the Homebridge tool.
This lets you set up HomeKit support for Eufy smart plugs, switches & light bulbs through your computer or raspberry pi.
Works like a charm - my power plugs are now all connected centrally with my other smart home products.

This might be useful for some of you, so give it a try & let me know how it works!


I’ll have to check this out… I’m a fan of HomeBridge myself! :relaxed:

It is pretty neat - and combined with an Siri on an Apple Watch, it just takes the lead in convenience. (Don’t use Siri for anything else, of course :grinning:)

Can you let me know if you run into any trouble? I haven’t managed to test too many devices yet, unfortunately.

I tried to set this up but even with my bulbs added in the EufyHome app, Homebridge-eufy cannot find them