Bug in GMT time in scheduling


I’m from Europe, the Netherlands to be exact and right now we’re at GMT+2 timezone.

I’ve bought a Euefycam2 set with a homestation and 2 cam’s. Have to say I’m impressed with the options and flexibility offered.

Until I tried to switch profiles based on a schedule. My wife and I work from home so in the daytime I like to disarm the system since everyone is walking round the house. At night I want to switch to the Away profile to set the cams on.

So I created a schedule and to my dismay it didn’t work as expected. I want the away profile active from 2200-0700 and disarm from 0700-2200.

To my surprise it did change profiles but not at the correct time.

I adjusted the schedule to switch to Away from 2000->0500 in the app and now it switches from 0700->2200 in real time.

I suspect there’s a bug somewhere and the GMT time is used and the +2 is ignored.

I checked that my location is set correctly and the app has access to phone location.

Did I do something wrong is is this a bug ?

Thanks !!


You could ask here or contact the support