[BoostIQ] RoboVac 30C Wi-Fi - Tests

Hey there Anker community,

Here I am again, after months offline, writing about another amazing smart vacuum :stuck_out_tongue: this time the eufy [BoostIQ] RoboVac 30C, I constantly update my homes with new smart devices and just love to post about it :slight_smile: I didn’t want the topic to be so repetitive once I already have posted talking about the [BoostIQ] RoboVac 15C Wi-Fi which is very similar, so I decided to run a couple of random tests and share with y’all, just cause :rofl:

So starting with my charging base setup
(only spot with relatively enough space to install it).


Then a noise test running a full spin cycle and returning back to base

(Click /\ to open video link)

A comparison using Standard, BoostIQ and Max suction modes going from hardwood floors to carpeting.

(Click /\ to open video link)

And the Boundary Strips working beautifully saving my RoboVac from going on the balcony. :sweat_smile:


This is definitely my favorite RoboVac so far, it handles a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment with hardwood floors, rugs and carpets easily and the smart home integration with Google Home and Alexa just make it the perfect gadget to have home. Let me know if y’all have any tricks to share!

iu Yay.


Welcome back! :wink: Thanks for sharing this random tests review. Love the Gif at the end of the post. How cute! :laughing: Did you make it by yourself?


Nice review and videos/gifs!


I did, haha I love creating this little animations, I will be posting more reviews and random media with all my Anker goodies, I missed the forum, love the renovations around here, o/

Thank you for the feedback, that’s what motivates my ideas, create to innovate :wink:

It still likes to test the boundaries :stuck_out_tongue: Stubborn thing! LOL. Love the videos. :slight_smile:

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WoW that thing sucks :wink::upside_down_face:

No tricks to offer but I think it could be dressed up a little.


Great videos and review, thanks for sharing 1! :+1:


Great videos!


Lol. Love the maid costume!


Good job on the testing!

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My old Willy has some eyes too.
But walleyed.
“First edition from 2018.”
Could not get any help against it.
The Eufy support told me it could be repaired
in an update of the famous application possibly in the far future. :rofl::rofl:

Love the review man!