Better information on Qi certification please

Hi! I’m a new member here, so apologies if what I am asking has already been discussed or if there is a better place!

However, I am researching Wireless Chargers for what will be my new Pixel 4XL and, while I can understand that you have yet to update your website to give compatibility information on that specific product, you do seem to be unclear on your site and in retailer info (such as Amazon) about which parts of the Qi specification your products support. I fear that will lead to a lot of disappointment from customers very soon!

When I search the Wireless Power Consortium’s database it seems only 8 of your products support the Qi Extended Power Profile standard charging, needed for Qi devices like the Pixel 4 for high speed charging.

Your stands, in particular, although they claim to be “fast charging” and "Qi compatible"appear to only support Qi charging at 5W.

This is surely going to catch a lot of people out!

I suggest you clearly indicate which power profile (basic or extended) your devices support whenever you claim Qi compatibility and also give the maximum charging power for Qi devices e.g. 5W, 11W, 15W.

Also, maybe you can let us know when you intend to have a desktop stand that supports EPP?

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The problem with the wireless charging stands is that they have to be approved by google in order for them to charge at a rate higher than 5w. Anker and other companies were caught off guard when google decided to limit wireless charging speeds to only their approved devices. Sure companies can send their products to get tested and verified but thats an additional cost that many including myself feel is unnecessary. Google is following in Apples path or having products verified and certified in order to work with their devices at a higher expense to consumers

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Actually this is not true of the Pixel 4, which now supports the Qi standard “Extended Power Profile”.

What I’m asking is that when Anker say they are “Qi compatible” they say which power profile they support (basic - up to 5W or extended - e.g. 11W, 15W). At the moment, all their stands claim to be “Qi compatible” and “fast charging” but in fact they only support the basic profile and will only provide 5W charging even for Qi compatible devices that support 11W or more.

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dont know what to tell you because my powerwave stands all charge my Galasy S10e at 10w

That’s because the stand specifically supports a non industry standard way of fast charging Samsung (and Apple) devices, but does not support the Qi fast charging standard (EPP).

It’s fair enough because the Samsung way pre-dated the Qi standard. But, now it’s not just confusing but wrong to say a device supports fast-charging and is “Qi compatible” but have it not support the Qi way of doing fast charging!

At the very least they need to say “Qi compatible (basic profile, up to 5W only)” or similar. Hopefully, like their 15W pad, Anker will soon release stands that are fully compatible with Qi fast charging :slight_smile:

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Can anyone clarify whether this charger is the same as one of the Anker products listed? I just can’t work it out, because of the limited information that is provided on Amazon.

Thank you.


I have a Google Pixel 4XL, and I too am interested in some clear statement as to whether any of your stands works with my phone in a “fast charging” mode.

Since this statement was made in October 23rd, 2019 I see that the Wireless Power Consortium’s database ( has been updated on December 16th, 2019 to say that the “PowerWave II Stand” meets the EPP standard.

Unfortunately I can not find the “PowerWave II Stand” on Anker’s site. I search the site and there is no mention of it. There is a “PowerWave 10 Stand” that is a “new release”, which is great, but there is no mention of the Pixel 4, and at the bottom of the page it says it supports the Pixel 3, when mounted, says it is “charging slowly”.

So any newer input as to whether any ANKER stands actually charge a Pixel 4 quickly, and if so, which stand?

I’m guessing the max output is Android (samsung) 10w and only 7.5w for iphones

In order to get fast wireless charging yoh need to use a qc 2/3.0 wall plug, which generally means not your standard cell phone wall plug.

As far as finding the stand in anker, well thats a hit or miss. They do not keep an accurate update of the products they make, its usually just the newr stuff and you have to turn to amazon for information

I don’t mean to insult the people that took the time to reply on Jan 1st but I’m afraid these replies to Jon just illustrate the confusion right now.

Android does not = Samsung (despite what some web pages suggest); Chargers that specifically support Samsung proprietary fast charging mostly will not support fast charging on other devices. And QuickCharge is another proprietary standard. The Pixel 4 supports the open Qi EPP (Extended Power Profile) standard that in 2019 suppliers should be moving towards and kind of are, but with very erratic and inconsistent communication on web pages and on datasheets.