BBC iPlayer etc. non existent & ITV Hub not working

I just bought a Nebula II with ITV Hub pre-installed but it won’t load because of some compatibility issues. In addition, BBC iPlayer is non-existent on the Google Store along with other UK channels.
Upon logging into my Google Account on a computer, it just says that the apps are not compatible with my device.
I done some research and the finger seems to point at the direction of geo-location but I have checked everything (I think), and everything is UK!
I’ve cleared caches, factory reset, connected to phone signal and still faced with the same issues.
Is there something I’ve missed? I’m quite annoyed that I’ve paid near on £500 for this device and half the apps I want are not compatible.

Which Nebula II? The Capsule or Mars?

I don’t own any of these because of the software issues you witness, prefer a more popular Chromecast and HDMI port on projector. A common issue with ITV hub is DRM versions in Android.

If there is a geo issue, are you physically in UK? Did the Google account you log in with actually think it’s in UK? I pond hop and hit some UK apps won’t work even if I’m physically in UK as the account spent time in USA. You can change your Play account country but not often so I keep a USA and UK Google account and switch to the UK one when installing UK only apps.

If your account thinks it’s not in UK follow this

I found that awkward so just created a new Google account when in UK and only use it to add apps which don’t like any hint you were ever outside of UK.

If you’re not physically in UK and you’re trying to fake UK presence then it’s complex to fix involving DNS and iptables commands on router too complex for most.

I’d give serious attention to going for a dumb non smart projector and a Chromecast.

It’s the Nebula Capsule II. I am physically in the UK. The Google account I use was created in the UK and all settings & payments are UK English.

I’m starting to shout at it now, but even that’s not working for some reason!


That reduces the causes.

Do you know what is ADB sideload and APK mirror means? If not, suggest return for refund and/or use HDMI Chromecast.

ITV Hub is very finicky about DRM and playing Ads, it is such a pain I had to use a Chromebook on HDMI. You have a good argument with Anker for refund but if you like it apart from the ITV and BBC issues then an HDMI input to the projector is a good option.

Reach out to support and ask them for the password to unlock developers mode. This will unlock the google play store and you will be able to do more with the projector including adding apps

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Can’t you sideload too? I guess that needs ADB which needs developer mode.

You can’t enable developer mode on your own?

Developer mode is locked, they have it password enabled. But once its unlocked you can enable their beta software and have full access to the android os. You can sideload without it, but its much better if its unlocked first as then you are bot restricted by what you use or do

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I see Capsule II based on Android TV which includes a Chromecast, hence so whatever you can get to work on your phone can cast its screen to the Capsule, as a fallback.

Never been able to get Iplayer, i just cast it to my device. I actually prefer it rather than using the remote to find and search for things. Can ‘Ok Google’ it to Nebula

My solution to this was to cast iplayer from my phone… sadly this kills the subtitles.
Not tried ITV Hub yet, except to say that I also tried to install and it didn’t work as expected.
Would like to get the Dev mode going… has anyone had any good experiences / can provide app recommendations for the big screen :slight_smile:

BBC IPLAYER ISSUE SOLVED!! I nearly sent my nebula capsule max back as was so gutted I couldn’t watch BBC iPlayer and the other uk channel on demand apps but the help centre gave me a password which downloads google play onto the device and now I can literally download and watch anything!! So happy.

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The unlocking to allow Play Store has been known for years. E.g. 2 year ago is post 7 above or from further back

There is a downside to do this, it can overwrite the fixed Netflix version and so break that. That is the reason the Play Store is disabled by default.

Personally I keep Play Store off (as delivered) and just download APK and install via USB stick. That way I control what version is installed and then “ain’t broke don’t fix” rule applies. If you have Play Store then an auto update risks breaking what is working.

Some things work best is Firefox. E.g. Channel 4 works better in Firefox than the app and so I do that also on my Android tablet

I recently bought a capsule (just the little one D4111) and was too frustrated by the BBC iPlayer update.

As recommended I got in touch with Support, cheat doesn’t work properly so used the web form, and they sent me a password to unlock the Google media store and beta test. Works perfectly, I’ve now got a fully working iPlayer and as a bonus I’ve also downloaded the SkyGo app, which if you have sky means you can watch it via the app on the capsule. Portable Sky!! Which is nice……

Happy with it now after being frustrated for a few days with the Nebula Manager.