Battery replacement for bluetooth speaker



Hi everyone,

I purchased an Anker bluetooth speaker in 2015 and now, it won’t charge completely. The speaker will work for a few minutes after charging for hours. I am looking to see if I can change the rechargeable battery, what type to use and how do I access the battery (ies).

The model I have is Premium Bluetooth Speaker (

Thank you for your help.


Hi @topjobs , taking into account the uncertain hassle of stripping down the speaker and then the added cost of the batteries I would go with purchasing a new speaker, either the same model if it has served you well or one of the update speakers that have recently been released. The speakers often appear in stages with a discount and you will have the benefit of 18 months warranty again.


Hi ndalby,

Thank you for your reply.

Well I thought of that of course, but I would prefer not trowing away so much hardware.

I would like to just find the way to open the speaker, but so far I can’t find anything. Do you know where I could find the instructions to open this speaker?

Thank you again.


you can change pin to your music. Please follow video :enter link description here


Take off the battery with a knife, great video… :thinking:


I know this thread is old, but why would you refer someone to take apart a speaker yet alone a battery with a knife?

If your gonna change the batteries do it proper with the use of a soldering iron. And use the right kind of batteries not some off the shelf low quality China knockoff


VIDEO for you.