Battery Bypass Option

Placed an order for 2 soundcore motion+, but I do plan to use it mostly as a pair of desktop speakers so it’s always close to a power source, I was hoping a battery bypass option could be added to the app, this way it can prolong the battery life and reduce the number of charge cycles, and as I understand it’s not great to have it plugged in constantly either, so just a toggle in the app if that’s possible it would be great.

Where did you hear not good to have it plugged in continuously?

Does no harm.

The only battery rules are every few months let it go flat and charge fully , and if you intend to not use it for months then store it at around 2/3rds charged in a cool part of room temperature location.

Keeping it plugged in, so long as you’re using it reasonably has no harm, in fact the product will last a little longer than if you keep letting it discharge and recharge.

While I can’t be sure if it’s good or not but the user manual actually says to disconnect it after it’s fully charged

This would suggest it will continue to charge even when it’s full?

It says to not keep it connected to power for extended periods, doesn’t mean the opposite of always disconnect.

But I do want to keep it connected to power when I’m home and next to a power source so I can leave the battery at a 50% charge for example and bypass it when I can< and fully charge it if I plan to take it out,
When I said constantly plugged in earlier I meant constantly plugged in to power, to use mains power instead of the battery power, hence wanting the option for a bypass.

There’s no harm keeping it plugged into power while using, if anything it prolongs battery life.

If you are not using it then just unplug, that’s what the manual is saying

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Just do it :+1:

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You could always use an outlet timer like the one below to turn off the power to the speaker for, say, half the day and have it charge the other half.