Batteries For Milwaukee Heated Sweatshirts

A few years back I bought two Milwaukee M12 hooded sweatshirts. One for my wife and one for me. For quite some time I have been considering some additional batteries for longer run times. The batteries that came with are 1.5 amps and they have 3.0 amp batteries that are available at Home Depot for $109.97 for a two pack.

That seemed a bit expensive to me, so I started looking for other options last night. I found this Smarkey Heated Jacket Adapter Charger USB Plug Cable for Milwaukee and other jackets. The one caveat is that the connected Power Bank is must be QC3.0/IQ. Can anybody here tell is the Anker PowerCore Fusion 10000 will work with the cord and power a Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie?

If not, can anybody here recommend a compatible power bank that is QC3.0/IQ. I would like it to be 3.0 amp, minimum.

This should work

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