Apple TV application

It sure would be nice to have an Apple TV application for the eufycam security cameras. My wife and I don’t typically carry our phones everywhere with us (when we’re at home), so sometimes it’s inconvenient to go get the phone, or log into the computer to see who’s at the front door. It’s just as convenient to answer the door, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a security camera; to screen the mid-dinner door-knockers.

The Apple TV is usually on, and the remote close by. It sure would be convenient - Great even - if we could have an application on the Apple TV, so we could view videos, stream live video, and thanks to the fact that the Apple TV remote has a built in microphone, engage visitors verbally; right from the comfort of the living room couch - No need to get up, search for the phone, then fire up the application, just to see that the visitor has already left.

I’m not up to the programming myself, but surely there are enough app developers out there that Anker/Eufy could hire someone to create or port such an application? Apple recently (During WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference) in June of 2019) announced a new developer toolkit, which makes it easy to port iOS apps to Apple TV (or so says the WWDC keynote).

Heck - I’d even pay for such an application.


Once eufy is compatible with HomeKit, I would think you could do this natively.

Maybe someone else has an idea?

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this would be great for sure. Hoping it happens soon as we use Apple TV throughout our home


Hello!@81e1ec3308602ba49c1c Much appreciate for your great suggestion about apple TV application! Your consideration is really to the point. It will be much more convenient for our users if we can introduce this application into our eufyCam system. We’ll try our best to forward your expectation to our engineer team and hope they can further consider its availability in the future! As a to-be perfect product, we do know there still exist many aspects of eufyCam that need further polishing. All eufy team members will keep working hard!


Pretty good idea!

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I agree this is a good idea!
Don’t forget about the rest of the population with Droids :slight_smile:

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This would be cool and I would love to help Beta test it if it becomes a reality

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Since there is already an iOS app for iPhone & iPad it can’t be that difficult to modify for the Apple TV App store. Please try to make one available (even if you have to start with a Beta).

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