Apple Reveals Ground-Breaking New iPad Technology

Nice concept but as the article says, there’s no guarantee that this concept will actually make it into production


Not read it, but when was it invented in Android before this?

Not sure if this will be a Ground Breaking technology…but I can 100% assure you… this is definitely your pocket breaking (:heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: ) one … force you to upgrade to get it

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Meh, it’s targeting a very niche market.

Love it @Shenoy “pocket breaking”

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Expect to see a nice price hike if they actually bring to their next ipads

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There may be a Pro + model for styling professionals and artists. I’m still a basic iPad 7 user :wink:

The year is 2022.

Apple invents:

It is the new iPad linear energy transfer device.

Back to 2020.

The challenge with sense a color then replicate it is that the way RGB works is different to the human eye. We do not actually sense RGB. We also in the thalamus modify based on learning. It is extremely difficult to replicate a color. If they manage it, then all due credit, but a human would sense the original color different from its replication due to a number of factors, most notably all human cognition is filtered through expectations, so someone who thinks Apple is wonderful would consciously see a better color than someone who never heard of Apple.

2024 , they put 4 at each corner.

Lol I’m still a first generation iPad user :rofl: