Anker's Tiny Powerline Usb-C to DC

What a great little bit of kit. It’s the smallest power supply I have ever seen that can easily power my notebook. Great for traveling and popping in you bag. It does require a USB / Wall Plug but I have plenty of these lying around the house so this was not an issue for me. Cable comes well packed and presented. The cable itself is of the typical high standards that I have grown accustomed to when buying anker products. I don’t know why notebooks / chrome books don’t come with a similar cable.

Sure beats carrying around those brick chargers. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your review @allanmcavoy
Please don’t forget to submit your review link to the completed testing page to ensure your opportunity for coming testing programs. :wink:

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Nice review @allanmcavoy thanks for sharing!

Another reliable cable