#AnkerForever: In Search of the Longest-Lasting Anker Customer

I think that will be a good entry, @ndalby.

I think it will be interesting to see if any community members are winners. So good luck to all.


I had one of them, gave it away to a family member.

It later "accidentally* got broke as they placed an alight candle on it and covered with wax.

I didn’t make a warranty claim. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I then gave them the original Soundcore speaker. That “accidentally” got smashed as they’d forgot it was on the roof of the car when they drove off.

I next gave them an Icon Mini and Mini 2.

I didn’t give them my Mini 3.

Hence reasons why my old stuff isn’t much available for pictures.

I bet without any such “an exciting video” there is no chance.
We are the “underdogs” here, but this doesn’t matter, we have fun!,
that’s all what count. :smile:

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Well I am not sure how much of an exciting video they are wanting… lol

I am wondering if they want it that you are on the video with your product talking about it and then showing your other products as well. (50/50)

So I think if you talk about the products, have yourself in the video at some point and then show your other products, you may have a chance.

BUT I do think if you are on there on there showing that products for an extended time then show your products, you may have a better chance. So I could see 40 percent self, 20 percent showing close up of just the products, and 40 percent other products you have may get you up there.

As the thread state you may get to be a content creator so they would need to see your face and how you are on the video. The more of you then the better that opportunity

I will probably post something but it will be more 40 percent product, 20 percent me and product and 40 percent other stuff if I do not decide to just do the photo one.

I am currently having a fit with some allergies of late and been coughing a lot.(need to get something for it) So 20 percent percent is about what they will get from me without me making facing as I am trying not to cough :rofl:

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I can talk, but in “bavarian slang” only.

This would not be satisfying for ANKER’s “WORLDWIDE” propaganda :joy:

Of course I can show my face.
Its lovely as usual.
All should know it here meanwhile.


I am in action as usual.


Love this! I’ve been an Anker fan since the speakers were still labeled Anker not Sondcore! and I still use these products today and newer ones! I’ll definitely enter this competition! #AnkerForever

Here is my picture of my anker speaker and still blasting music on my mailbox. Can’t remember the day but purchased from amazon. #AnkerForever. I need to upgrade or win one. My name is Clemente Melendez and had it for 2 years. I am from Bronx, NY.

My review of Astro3 10,000mAh powerbank from July 2012 :grinning:


Here is my video submission for the contest. I am definitely not used to talking to a camera haha:



FYI and just in case…

If you look at the bottom of the initial part of the thread before the comments, you will see

When you click it, you can upload it there or connect the address link to the submission.

Good luck as well…

Yeah I tried submitting my video through that method but I kept on getting an upload error so I posted on the this thread and on YouTube. Thanks for the heads up anyway!

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Hmm I think somebody had an issue on another thread for something that was similar for another contest. I wonder if it may be like a browser issue. I get on coke.com to use the caps but it has browser issues

It is over but glad you got it in there.

hi my name is Michał. I made a video and post my photo on instagram! :slight_smile:
Anker is the best, meet my good old anker astro pro 2 https://youtu.be/sMp1ikyqVHE
and link to instagram!

have a nice day and GL for all :slight_smile:

Hi All, I’m not one for video’s. I’ve tried, I think I’m just shy :slight_smile:

I’ve put a post on Insta & FB though. Still my favourite brand, the first I look for when buying anything. #AnkerForever


This is an old photo and had lots of new things since. My first product was the Astro E4 on the top row in 2012 :slight_smile:


Quite a nice collection you own.

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Hi Franz, this was an older photo with all of my first products. Had loads more since. Some gifted/won and loads bought. I couldn’t find the purchase of the E4 on Amazon, not sure it existed then lol


Did you submit it through the link at the top? If not it is not submitted yet.


hi :slight_smile: Yes I made submision through docs.google.com/forms

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