Anker Wireless Charge - PowerWave Stand 10W Max

Here is the Anker PowerWave Stand! I have never had a wireless charger for my phones before, but this is very convenient. It’s sleek, compact, and useful design allows it to fit in anywhere and serve many purposes. Whether its simply charging my phone overnight while I sleep, acting as a stand while watching videos, or holding the phone at the perfect angle for participating in video calls this charger can do it all. The blue ring Illuminates at the bottom of the bottom of the stand while your device is charging. I use it with my iPhone X Max and have experience no difficulty with the immediate recognition and charging of my phone.

One small thing I would prefer to change is the charging light. I use this to charge my phone overnight and while the blue light seems small, and can give off an impressive glow in a dark room. Nothing a simple piece of tape or post it note can’t quickly fix.

Overall, a great and multipurpose tool for any office desk, family phone call, or night stand. Easy to use and typical Anker high quality! 5/5 stars!


Nice review and photos!

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Good review.
I personally like the LED light but it can get annoying sometimes

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Hey @Denis.lawlor10
Great review. I have one and agree re the light, it’s a little too bright.


Welcome to the community and thank you for your review ! :relaxed:
Please don’t forget to submit your review link onto the completed testing page.

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Nice review! Will these work for AirPods wireless charging case?

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Awesome charging stand.
I have one of these and its why I joined the forum.

I have the same question as above. Can powerwave charge AirPods? Would be good to know before I purchase AirPods with wireless case.