Anker Vs GoalZero Vs Nitecore

There’s a couple of Ankerholics in the comments.


Great share @professor
Will take a look at this at lunch tomorrow.

I thought it was funny when he said for the one rugged charger is probably used for canoeing and potentially having it dropped during rock climbing. :rofl: If I am rock climbing, I do not think I would be able to go get it lol

I like the looks of the Nitecore :+1:

I don’t go for rugged anything, there’s no need. I do go mountain climbing, I do go out in wet conditions.

I put my electronics in a dry bag, sometimes I wrap clothing around for padding. Its the cheapest most likely to work method.

I spent years traveling with a backpack and I’d sometimes wrap my small travel laptop with clothes and put in a dry bag.

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I was thinking the same with the rugged one. A little bit of padding from a cloth or heck even a can koozie could work if creative enough…

Similar with a dry bag especially camping or even going to a park for vacation. I had one time a guy helped me set up my tent but I did not go check the side he did but he left the ground tarp overlapping the tent and when it rained the water just ran onto the tarp and got the bottom of my tent wet.

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I have plenty of experience out there.

Example from 3 years ago

The issue of tent floor flooding can happen to any of us, either peg comes out or a it’s pitched wrong, so I keep everything up high and in dry bags to handle everything including accidents. The notion you are protecting yourself via buying a rugged or waterproof something, particularly with powerbanks is absurd.

Dry bags fail also eventually so my older ones I use as liners inside or outside to at least slow the wear on newer bags.

I’m now at 39 years of outdoors experience, so I’ve yet to make my next mistake but have learned from my past mistakes. Currently tuning some campstove kit for next adventure. I do everything human powered so I count the size and volume and ruggedized anything waterproof anything comes at size and volume penalty.

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I do the same thing. I’ve bought rugged before and it wasn’t worth it. I do use laptop sleeves when traveling even when my bag has a padded area or I wrap clothing around it. I’ve seen what a “padded pocket” protects when slip and fall on a icy sidewalk.

I don’t have any dry bags yet. But we are about to buy a couple of SUPs and Kayaks next spring and I will end up getting a few bags and boxes for our trips.

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