Anker venturing into Smart Displays?

Seeing lot of Smart Display devices from Amazon, Google, JBL, Lenovo, Facebook,

Will we see Anker come up with any Smart Display system, may be under the Eufy or Nebula brand? Would be interested to see this,

Also since Anker has brands with security and audio, there are integrations such as below:

  1. integration with Soundcore speakers for easy pairing similar to Flare or Icon series.
  2. Integration with Eufy Security products to display items
    and many more possibilities

@AnkerOfficial can you let us know your thoughts or forward this to your product / design engineering team for some brainstorming?


It would be interesting to see if anker could come up with something like this…


it is one product which could bind together all the Anker Products portfolio into one!


Agreed this would be cool product… I love my Google Home/Nest Hub as it doubles as a digital picture frame when not in use.


What about roav and karapax :joy:


Roav, to some extent with Alexa and Google Assistant, can integrate with this Smart display

Karapax, not sure whats happening with it…

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it would be a natural succession


I would love to see their version of a Google Home/Nest Hub.


Sounds interesting and would love to see Anker do it.

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This would be interesting to see in the future and definitely a move forward.

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Roav wouldn’t integrate at all.

Roav is the car accessory brand, and is in no way related to a smart display.

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never say “never” or “no way”…:innocent::grinning:

remember Roav has Viva (Alexa) and Bolt (with Google Assistant), and these are the smart agents which work with Smart Displays, so there is always a way. How? I will let the developers talk to it.

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I completely disagree with your points. They don’t really make sense.

My nebula prizm has a speaker in it, so does that make it a soundcore product? Not at all. Just because a product has a certain feature, doesn’t make it a definitive feature from that brand.

Roav doesn’t brand themselves as the “smart assistant” brand, they consider themselves the “car accessories” brand.

Eufy would consider themselves more the “smart assistant” brand as they are the smart home brand.

If they made a product like this, I would in no way consider it a roav product.

That’s my opinion anyway

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I am talking about integration between these brand products, and will let it stay there.

We are not talking about re-inventing Roav or any other brand… hope this is clear to you

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I completely understand what you’re saying. I don’t understand how this is an integration with roav, since roav is the CAR brand

Don’t think of roav as the smart assistant brand, because it isn’t.

Because of that, adding a smart assistant to a smart display could not be considered an integration with roav.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

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Roav is not a CAR brand…

Power Washer


Leaf Blower


Power washer is a car item (I would think). Don’t most people use them to wash cars?

I completely forgot about the other two, and the release of them still baffles me.

Nonetheless they still shouldn’t be considered a smart home brand. More of a home/car improvement :joy:

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i was counting the various possibilities, Curiosity is the mother of all inventions.

Think of it like… Someone using Roav Viva or Roav Bolt and says announce I am coming home – this announces message or better, plays back a recorded video of the person on the Anker “Smart Display Product” brand say “Smartyiv” … i am asking, why is this NOT possible?

you wouldn’t agree on anything, so will let you keep your opinion, i respect it, and will keep mine the same.


I see what you’re saying, and agree that it would be cool, I just don’t see this as a collaboration between the brands.

:man_shrugging: It is what it is, we don’t have to agree on everything (even if I am always right :crazy_face:).

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That is a good perception :smiley:

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