Anker USB-Lightning Cable - Overheating?

I’ve had this cable for some time. As you’d expect it works great however i’ve recently notice the Lightning end is starting to turn yellow.

Its only been used with genuinue Apple 5W and 10W chargers.

Neither of us recall a time when it was hot after charging so could it just be the plastic degrading in the light?

When you never detected any heat and/or malfunction at/of the plug it should be some kind of discoloration which is not normal but not dangerous,

Time to quit smoking?

Joking - I’ve never seen such issues. If cable is overheating I’d look for debris inside your phone’s port - magnifying glass, tweezers, flashlight, pull the fluff out.

Anker chargers will up their output to overcome resistance at the port so may be making the cable hotter as it fights your pocket fluff.

Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Thanks but non smoking household but i’ll check all devices.

Keep a hand on the plug when charging.
If there is no unusual warming and the cable does its job,
you should not care about.

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The heat is most where is the greatest resistance. If there is resistance in the iPhone port that’s a sign the phone is the cause.

If the wire is hot away from the port then it’s the wire’s fault.

Heat is less if you use the 9V 2A 18W PD type charger as the current is less than the 5V 2.4A 12W type. So a USB-C to Lightning cable should be less warm than a USB-A to Lightning cable.

If the problem persists after using a different charging brick, then the issue is the cable and I’d recommend to stop using it

My iPhone lightningport ends up collecting a lot of lint from my pocket, so I end up having to clean if with compressed air or scooping up debris from it. On occasion I’ve noticed dark spots on the terminals as if a little short or spark had happened there. The more resistance is encountered, the more heat is generated in the charging.

There is a simple solution->
Tape the socket.

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