Anker Usb C to Lightning 10ft?

Hey all,
Recently I’ve been looking at upgrading everything to USB C and introducing a lot of family and friends to USB C. In trying to convince a friend to make the switch they pointed out that they could not find a USB C to lightning cable 10 ft version made by Anker (as I was strongly trying to push the brand). I then tried to find one and could only find a six-foot version. However, I know they make a USB C to USB C in ten feet (see picture below). Is there a 10ft version of the lightning to USB C that I’m just missing? (if so please share link) If not is there a plan to make one soon and is there a reason why one of these has not been made yet?
If it hasn’t been made then this is my plea to please make one soon preferably braided as that’s my opinion but I won’t be too picky about that


Very good question. The why-not is down to Anker to reply.

I can see an engineering reason why not, which is not official but if someone asked me.

The Lightning port is 20W PD, which makes it 9V, 2.2A. The resistance in the wire burns energy to the square of the current multiplied by resistance. Resistance is roughly linear on cable length. So energy burned in a longer cable is higher, so a 10ft cable would struggle more to be 20W out the end than a 6ft cable.

If the Lightning port supported higher voltages (12V, 15V, 20V) then for a given Wattage it could be lower current, so less energy loss.

“It is what it is”


  • don’t buy Anker
  • buy a desk charger C8 cord to a nearer C port to a shorter C-L cable
  • use a Powercore instead, keep it very near and recharge it. $20-$50. Useful in other contexts, power outages, etc.

Maybe they don’t think there is a lot of demand for that cable

There is definitely a market, it does come up.

It would need to warn the user to not expect 20W out the end, so to not cause warranty return. I wonder what an iPhone does when it doesn’t see 9V, refuse it?


If they were to come up with such cable, how much do you think it would sell for?

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I would say non braided cable a little over $20 maybe like $23 and if its braided then closer to $30 at least when they first come out probably would see prices drop with sales like usual with cables

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Depends if thicker guage within used to offset the length. Resistance goes up with length down with thickness.

If same thickness so lower performance then should only be $1 more than 6ft. If thicker then more $


If they thicken the cable to offset resistance from length, then they make a less pliable cable, bends less well.


The net result is a less reliable cable.

So then Anker has to factor the consumer has asked for an inherently inferior performance or reliability into how many warranty issues and add that to the price. So cost even higher.

There is the certification MFI also. So more cost.

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Yeah I bet they would release them for $30 and then they’ll lower the price

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Maybe I’m too cheap but I feel paying over $20-$25 for a cable is too much

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I feel like it depends for the lifetime warranty i can convince myself to splurge a little more on cables. But sometimes i will go for the powerline II+ instead of the III+ to save a couple dollars since both have the same warranty. If they end up being $30 ill probably wait for a sale then then buy for 10 ft i expect it to be more expensive since more materials are technically needed

For a given resistance you need 10/6 more cross section to offset the 10/6 length. So 100/36 or roughly 3 times the metal. The compression force inside the bend and stretch outside will increase the covering wear, offset by thicker. So in raw materials you’ve tripled it for a given performance and reliability. If you don’t triple it then suffer performance or reliability. Factor that as either more cost or more profit headroom to handle more warranty replacement.

The use of a nearer USB socket via a wall charger or a near Powercore would be my recommendation.

I have one corner of home with no convenient electrical supply so there is a Powercore with a 3-in-1 Powerline.

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Yeah makes sense I wish that apple had just made the full switch to usb c like i thought they would

I wonder if that will ever happens after hearing rumors they’ll go port less

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Here you go @ktkundy lol

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