Anker SoundSync A8327 won't pair with android?

Hey everyone, new here.
I /just/ bought this model new yesterday and have done everything I can… No success in pairing it to my LG-G6 android phone, it just won’t show up on my screen.

I’ve tried holding the multi button for over 10 seconds to reset it just in case, tried putting it in pairing mode WITH the aux cable attached… Nada.

Any support or tips would be greatly appreciated, about to give up & return it :frowning:

Does it show up as available to pair to anything else?

Is it charged?

Manual says these steps, it appears to work apart from not visible?

Does the phone pair with another bt device?

Does the soundsync pair with another device.
Is it fully charged?

See, that’s what confuses me lol
bc I only got this to transmit my phone’s audio to my car’s stereo, where you plug the transmitter into the aux port?

But yes, fully charged.
I press it twice, it starts flashing red and blue… Nothing :confused:

I’ve had “misc” show up once or twice, but doesn’t allow pairing- probably not the SoundSync.

I’ve had other devices pair up with my phone just fine

I figured it out. You bought the wrong product, it’s impossible to work for you. It will never connect to your phone. Look at the photo of the manual for what you bought.

What you bought the A8327 does this

So it presents itself a sound source (like your phone is a sound source over wired) then can be connected to from bluetooth sinks (speakers, headphones)

The A8327 is a transmitter. So it connects to sound sources wired, presents itself as a bluetooth transmitter so will connect to BT receivers (speakers, headphones, etc).

Your phone isn’t a speaker, it expect to see BT receivers, not transmitters.

So you should have bought this

It connects the way you wanted

So it connects over bluetooth to phone (what you want) then wired connects to AUX to transmit phone audio to AUX (what you want, to the audio in of your car).

What you bought will never work, as your phone connects to sinks not sources wireless, your phone isn’t a speaker, so no surprise it doesn’t recognise.

You can prove this now if you want to, while it’s flashing connect some bluetooth headphones to it and find a AUX source.

I know Anker made a product with a transmit/receiver mode switch, I have one which has the advantage you can’t really buy the wrong product, this way Anker has done it with separate products for transmit or receive requires a degree of focused attention pre-purchase.