Anker SoundCore Motion+ shutdowns while playing on bluetooth


I’ve just acquired a motion+ and while streaming songs via bt from my laptop I see that after a while it shutdowns without any notice, which is very annoying.
Using the latest firmware, battery is charged and auto shutdown is set to 30m (although that should be applied only if nothing is playing, which is not the case).

Is anyone experiencing the same issue? Is there a way to solve this or should I exchange the speakers due to some sort of defect?


Normally it shuts down when the battery is empty
or there is no more bt connection.
Are you really sure the battery is charged well?
I got such a motion + and have never mentioned such a strange behaviour.
Sorry I got no other ideas, may be you should contact the support.

Thanks for the reply!
Yes, battery is fully charged and bluetooth is connected - I’m streaming musics via bluetooth and out of the sudden it shutdowns.

If was it for poor bluettoth signal or lack of connectivity I wouldn’t expect it to shutdown, only to be disconnected.

So I guess there’s something wrong with the speaker… definitely not a good start…

Note is your laptop on power saving mode? It’s possible the BT stack is being shut down to save power

I’m using linux, so no power saving mode is switched on.
I’ve also checked and when the speakers disconnects the bluetooth on the laptop is still on.

If the speakers are switched off from the connected devices I would expect the speaker to notify with a sound while it normally does when it switches on/off, no?

But I don’t think this is the case here.

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Using Linux! Great!
You can take a look at the bt protocol and check if there is any connection to that speaker.

Indeed , LINUX doesn’t shutdown NOTHING, if you don’t want it.
Sorry, You haven’t told that to us before.
“Linuxers” know what they are doing.
Contact the support, please and an enjoy the sunday.:wink:

eheh. Thanks!

How can I contact support directly (bought it through amazon), I’ve tried the but that seems to be down?

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Why down?
There will be no prompt answer.
Weekend! :grin:

Possibly tlp is killing the BT stack

Contact them at

One additional thing to try is leaving the speaker plugged in to charge while playing music to see if the speaker still shuts down. If it doesn’t, this would lead me to believe that it is a battery issue.

Thanks everyone for the tips.
It doesn’t seem to be related with the battery since once I change the definitions of the idle inactivity switch off on the application (I can set any timeout it doesn’t matter) and I start to stream musics again via the laptop the speaker no longer shutdowns.
At first glance the problem seems to be related with the inactivity shutdown. Since I’m no longer experiencing issues after the definition on the app is set.
The problem is whenever I switch off the speaker the configuration seems to reset. So I have to reconfigure the inactivity timeout every time I want to stream from the laptop.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?