Anker Soundcore Motion+ not working with Win10 laptops running Intel bluetooth chipsets

I purchased a Motion+ today, and I can not get it to connect to any of my laptops.

The speaker does work fine connected to a phone. I did successfully update the firmware on the Motion+ before trying the connection to the laptops.

I’ve got 4 different fully updated Windows 10 laptops here, running 2 different Intel Bluetooth chipsets. One of the chipsets tested is a Intel AC-3165 chipset. The latest drivers were just downloaded from Intel’s website. The Motion+ will pair with the laptops, but it shows up under “Other devices”, instead of as an audio device like other bluetooth speakers. It is not being recognized as a speaker and thus I can’t choose it as my audio output device.

Is this a known issue with Intel bluetooth chipsets? Other people appear to have had success getting the speaker to work with Windows 10 laptops, but they did not specify who made their bluetooth adapter (not that it should matter), but I’ve tried 4 and their all (mis)behaving the same way.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

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So you already have the latest bluetooth driver from Intel? Who is the manufacturer of the bluetooth card? I would go to their site and see if their driver is the same as intel

The laptops are from 3 different manufacturers (2 HP, Dell, Avita). They have slightly out of date versions of the drivers on their sites (no surprise there). I’ve tried both the original version of the driver, and the latest from Intel. Same results (shows up as a paired non-audio device).

I’m looking for a non-Intel bluetooth adapter to test with, but haven’t had any luck tracking one down yet.

I meant the manufacturer of the bluetooth card, not the brand of the laptop. While i have had success using the chipset to get the right driver, they dont always work with certain manufacturers of the bluetooth cards, hence why i mentioned to go to that website for their driver.

Have you tried deleting the BT profile from the laptop and trying again?

These are Intel wireless chipsets. There are made by Intel and sold to laptop manufacturers who put them in their laptops. These are not obscure usb bluetooth dongles.

I have tried removing the BT profiles multiple times between driver upgrades and reboots on all the computers I’ve tried it on.

I just tried it on a fifth Windows 10 computer. This has a different, newer Intel chipset - AC9462. This supports Bluetooth 5.0 (the other laptops all support Bluetooth 4.2 I believe). Same result. Soundcore Motion+ shows up under “Other Devices” and is not seen as an audio device.

Still no luck tracking down a non-Intel bluetooth adapter.

I have the same issue. Any solution?

No solution. It doesn’t work at all with Windows 10 regardless of your BT chipset or drivers if it’s upgraded to the latest firmware version. I spoke with two people who said theirs works with their computers. One tried it and found he was wrong, and it no longer did (he was on the latest firmware). Someone else confirmed there’s does work on an older firmware.

Mine’s going back to Amazon.

Same here. After a firmware update of the Motion+, my Motion+ is no longer being recognized by Windows 10 Pro as a Sound device. I’ve tried unpairing and repairing, but no dice.

The Motion+ works fine with my Pixel 4 running Android 10.

I have the exact same issue, paired but not as sound device. I have a DELL XPS 15 with updated drivers.