Anker Soundcore Liberty Air True Wireless Earbuds loosing connection to Samsung Note 10 BT

It has come to my attention that the wireless earbuds are loosing connection to the BT on the Samsung Note 10 +. I have done the reset and all the troubleshooting but it is still happening. Any further suggestion to resolve this annoyance is welcome.

Have you tried connecting the Liberty Air to another device?

This has been a common issue with samsung note after an update. You can google it and see that many others are having issues where the bluetooth cuts in and out or drops and reconnects.
Part of the issue is compatibility between bluetooth protocols for sharing content. So please give this a try:
Enable developers options…google this if you dont know how to do it.
Access Developer options and scroll down to BLUETOOTH Avrcp version. Change it from the default 1.4 to 1.6. And see if they fixes a few issues for you