Anker Soundbuds Slim Bluetooth, Left speaker volume drop



I have recently bought an Anker Soundbuds Slim Bluetooth IPX5 headphone for the second time, and for the second time it happened that the left speaker's output drops dramatically after a few weeks of use. Before returning it for refund, I thought I might ask here for advice, if there is anything I could fix about it. I have tried it with several devices, and the volume drop on the left side remains the same. But is this necessarily a physical issue or can some setting within the device be the cause that can be fixed through some sort of factory reset?

EDIT: When I connect the headphones to my Linux laptop I see that they are recognized as a mono output, where it definitely should be stereo, so this seems to be something on the software side of things. However, still something in the headphones, because the same remains the case when I connect it to other devices, also, the sound which comes out of the headphone sounds very compressed, like on a good old phone, not at all hifi, as if the headphone advertises itsef in the wrong way.


Have you tried cleaning the left earbud? Wax builds up and liquefies with your body heat and seeps into the mech cover. Over time enough build up can block the sound thus lowering it. So giving it a clean ih ng every now and then can help dramatically.

And before you go saying your ears are clean and there is no wax build up... just give it a try. Get a qtip, dip it into some peroxide or alcohol and rub it on and over the mesh. You can even let some soak onto the mesh for a bit and then clean it up with the dry end of the qtip.


Thanks for the hint, but this morning they were still fine and then in an instant the volume dropped on the left side, just as it had happened with my last one.


What do you have them paired to?
To rule out it's the earbuds try switching sides and see if the volume remains lower or the same on the left side and right.
Depending what you have it paired to it could also be part of the problem


I wrote, I tried with several devices, and the result was the same, two different android phones and one Linux laptop.

But can you explain what you mean by "switching sides"?


Put the left bud in your right ear... Vicky verky


Of course I tried that, but that doesn't tell us at all whether it is the loudspeakers in the buds or something software wise (within the earbuds' own electronics).


LINUX and bluetooth is only a mess. :smiling_imp:
But if you have the same issue with other devices you paired the buds with, it's definitely not LINUX.:grin:


Try forgetting the bluetooth connection on the devices, and in the slims hold down both the volume up and down button for 5 seconds. This should reset your bluetooth connection and see if a fresh repair fixes the issue.


Thanks, I also had done that already. It remains stubbornly unchanged. The left bud's volume remains low. I'll see whether I can get some support through Anker's official channels (after all, it says you get free lifetime support), else I might have to return it.

Thanks everyone for your help!!


Just shoot them an email they will take care care of you


Think you have tried everything.
So you should contact the support.


Same here, The earphones will work for a while and then the left bud volume will fade. Connected the phones to two laptops and two mobiles [ Linux windows,android and windows mobile(don't ask) ].
The mesh cover is very easy to dislodge, I would suggest cleaning very gently and not after wearing them for a while as the heat from your ear makes the glue they use quite soft.


ive got crackly sound which rectifies itself after i turn them off and on again. anyone else?


If.toj get a crackle, try changing your codec or whatever it’s called. (in Bluetooth settings on Samsung Galaxy S8)

I put it to AUTO and no problems, but it worked no probs on the replacement… Found out after, tho I didn’t crackle on replacement.


I had the same issue with volume being different levels in each earbud for a long time to the point where I almost threw my sportbuds in the trash.
I tried reset, rebind, different devices, you name it.
Problem lessened once I gave the mesh filter a good clean with q-tip and alcohol.
I still didn’t have full volume in the left earbud so I popped the mesh filters out again and removed the mesh panel from the plastic holder piece. I noticed there was an additional fabric filter behind the mesh (glued together), so I removed the fabric filter and put everything back without the fabric part. Much to my surprise the volume was back to normal in both earbuds
Not sure if my previous cleaning just couldn’t clear the fabric filter or not but I now have a fully functional pair of earbuds again so I am happy.


I did the same thing with my anker soundbuds after the left side volume was lower. After taking out the mesh it works fine.