Anker sound spirit x NEW PROBLEMS


–>i hard this new Spirit x After TWO sound buds anker earphone dead in less than5 months.<–

I was Happy,finally a new product hopefully working…but they died in2 weeks.
Problem: they NEVER SHUT DOWN even pressing the central Botton , they DO NOT RECHARGE (Red light After 3hours on charge) even using different USB and Always with low amp charger.

Funny thing Is that when i disconnect earphones from USB…magically the light turni Blue,bit now they NEVER SHUT DOWN.

This product seem even worst than soundbuds(again TWO earphones died in5months). Solution?


How are you charging the Spirit X - laptop / wall charger? This may need trickle charging.

Try to make sure you are using a charging source that has trickle charge? Without trickle charging, the Soundcore Spirit X may think it’s charged, while it isn’t.

Have you ever reached out to Soundcore Support, if not please do and keep your purchase receipt handy.

I too own a Soundcore Spirit X and never seen any issues as mentioned here, ymmv.

Edit: Try to charge your Spirit X with a 5V charger and cable provided along with it.


Tried all the way suggested, connected to Wall, laptop or external source. And yes,i used the original canale since TWO soundbuds died i wanted ti be sure It was not my foult.

Again: they do not SHUT down ever.


I trust you and your experience, usually pressing and holding the center button on the remote control for 3 seconds powers off the Spirit X.

There is a reset option (though this if for Bluetooth) that you may try,

  1. Turn the earphones off.
  2. Connect to a power source.
  3. Press and hold the “Play” and “+” buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  4. The pairing history will be deleted.

If it were me, i would first contact Soundcore Support, and suggest the same to you, Soundcore Support


Have you tried holding down the power button until it turns off? Forget the 3 second button press because mine take longer sometines to turn off.
Also, try using a brand new cable as 90% of charging problems come down to the cable and plug being used


Did It,the " hold-until-it-work" method and the bluetooth method .

Wrote to customer service yet. My next earphones won t be Anker for sure!


Hope they address your concern adequately, and possibly provide a resolution.


You’ll change your mind once you deal with their incredible customer service. :grin:


Typo. @Tank wouldn’t use derogatory language.


I fixed it, sometimes when i type fast it changes what im typing and autocorrects to what it thinks im trying to input.
And @TheDude is right, i wouldnt use derogatory language


I had read it and knew it was a typo,


Hi @Tommaso_Briganti,

I’m sorry to hear your have such embarrassing product experience, we do take product quality control very seriously, it’s unusual to receive the defective products many times. Could please to sent an email to and sent back those defective products to our support team? Our product team will check the product in details and give you a good solution. We are look forward to hearing from you.:blush:


My spirit X’s do not turn off until I turn off bluetooth from the device thats connected. Once I do that you here a beep in the earbud and then about 15-20 seconds later they turn off. Have not seen the “never charged until unplugged” issue though so I can’t speak for that personally.


@Tommaso_Briganti I never had this problem with my spirit X, hope your issue is addressed by our excellent support team that we can count on!


Love Anker’s support but I have also had nothing but issues with the Spirit X. I am currently on my 3rd replacement pair (4th pair in total).

After a while they just stop charging, or only charge a bit and then nothing so I would literally get 10 minutes of on time. I’ve tried everything I could. Different outlets. Different charging bricks. Different cables. I’ve seen similiar reports on Amazon reviews.

I am actually pretty curious as to which is going on (though I have an idea) and if this next pair fails, I might skip the replacement and tear it down myself to do some digging.


Where are you buying your Anker products from?

Also, they should disconnect n turn off after a couple of mins if Bluetooth is turned off from source device.