Anker Sound Bud Curve battery malfunction

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Hello everyone!
I had exactly the same issue. I had bought my first SoundBud Curve this Saturday (yes, four days ago) and tried to turn them on when I got home, but it seemed like they were out of battery. I left them charging for about 2 hours and tried again. They turned on long enough to connect with my mobile phone but turned off about 30 seconds after.

I had them replaced on Monday which was yesterday for another pair of the exact same buds(sellers also confirmed the issue mentioned above). Now, the story about another pair of buds… I had them charged at home with the cable that was packed together with buds and used them for about half an hour today (if so) and when my mobile said SoundBudsCurve battery on 20 percent, they turned off. I have to mention that I was using them twice today, for a 20-minute walk in the morning and now. So when I linked them to my mobile phone on the second use it said the SoundBudsCurve battery on 60 percent. I watched 3 videos that lasted three minutes each and they went off saying 20 percent battery left. Afterward I tried turning them on and off and had them reconnected with my phone, and the phone said SoundBud battery on 100 percent - and of course, they turned again off.

Please, can someone help me with this issue? I am literally desperate. :sob:

I would recommend trying a reset. These are the instructions

In standby mode press and hold the ’ + ’ and ’ - ’ buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds to delete previous pairing records.

Good luck!

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Thank you for your advice! While I was writing this post, they shut down completely - I will charge them again for about 2 hours and try your advice…tho, 20 percent of guranteed 12.5hours of battery should not turn off in 10-15 minutes -.-’ (it should be at least 2 hours of working on 20 percent):rage:

I have a pair of Soundbuds Slim and it turns out that I get around the time they advertise (about 6.5 hours) but they don’t last too long after they hit 20%. So to my knowledge, this kind of math isn’t quite accurate for battery in actual life (in ideal condition, yes this math makes more sense). I’ll let @kumar.sachin explain this since I might not make much sense if I tried :slight_smile:

What cable and charger are you using to charge them with?

Charge them longer than 2 hours, the charging light while charging is red and either turns off or turns blue when done

What phone do you have?

On my last phone (Galaxy S8) and my new phone (Galaxy S10 plus) when I connect a Bluetooth device, it flashes up its battery status.

I.E. Soundcore 2 20% battery.if I remember rightly when I go to Bluetooth settings, it’ll show not only what’s connected, but also what battery it has left.

The reason I asked about charger, is to make sure you’re not using too much power. As using too much power will give you a false positive (saying it’s charged when not).

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Hi there! For this case I was using anker cable that was in the package and I charged it through laptop because that was advice from sellers

My phone is Galaxy A5 2017

It cos be youre giving it too much power.

Try a wall charger instead, especially an Anker one.

A laptop port will not supply too much power as you keep stating, most laptops can only output 500mA to 900mA.
@Dorja_Sabljak please charge the earbuds longer than 2 hours, as I mentioned above the charging light will go from red to blue when its fully charged. Using your laptop to charge the headphones is fine

Thank you for your information.

Sorry to hear your headphones are not working properly. We know this is frustrating, and we hope to make up for this inconvenience.

In this case, you are more than welcome to try the following steps to see if it helps at all.

  1. Try another 5V wall charger and cable to charge the earbuds at least 24 hours no matter the indicator is on or off.
  2. Make sure the charger and cable are working before you charge the earbuds.

If the issue still persists, the issue you experienced is very unusual, Anker will help you with the 18-month warranty. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at by detailing your order number and the problem you come across. We will reply you within 24 hours.

Thank you!

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Thank you Anker Support! I will try that and get back to you with the outcome. Hope it will work because the problem still pertains daily :sob:


I have tried it and problem is now even worse. They are turning off on 40 percent. This is complete disaster, it was 5V charger and cable is Anker from the package and they were charging for 24h. I want my money back. Should I contact your support on mail or should I go directly to Links where I bought them? I have them for 2 weeks now so it is definitely under warranty. Kind regards,



If they were purchased via a recognised Anker dealer, and are less than 18 months old, you should email …

Place of purchase and order number
The item
The serial number (either off the box, container or item (on item it’s a little white label)).

What the problem is.

You will get an answer in a couple days, usually!


Thanks everybody!
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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