Anker Souncore is connected via bluetooth but not making any sound at all

I’ve had my speaker for around a year with no problems. I have tried to use it today for the first time in a while and although it switched on and connected via Bluetooth to my phone it is not making any noise at all. When it switches on and off or connects to a device it used to make a sound but it has suddenly stopped. I have tried changing the volume, letting it run out of battery and restarting it but nothing is working. I have also tried unsuccessfully to get it to play music from other devices. it is definitely connecting to the devices I have tested as Spotify says for example that it is playing through the speaker. It has had no exterior damage at all since I have bought it.

I would recommend trying to reset the speaker. These are the instructions for doing so…

When in standby mode press/hold “BT” button for 2s to delete all previous pairing records.

Good luck!


If all else fails, please reach out to

Connect it via cable.

Test the speaker using a AUX cable and then see if it works, otherwise try resetting the speaker!

iPhone iOS. Same issue. Resetting every 2 months is hideous.